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When Nuffnang asked me to write about Rolling Stone magazine being a good present idea for Dads I laughed a bit, my Dad has had a subscription for like 40 years already so apparently it’s true XD Not exactly sure about the timing of this considering here in Aus, Father’s Day was almost a month ago… his birthday was in March and Christmas is months away XD Though if I said that to my Dad I imagine the conversation would be…

I wanted to do drawings of this conversation again using my awesome mini Violet doll but I’m still sick so use your imagination >_<

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s not Father’s Day

Dad: Do you need an excuse to get me presents?

Me: Well you get Father’s Day, what do I get?

Dad: Everyday is Children’s Day…

Me: So where’s my Children’s Day present then?

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

I’m sure it’s all very nostalgic for his days in the British music scene but whenever I think/read/hear/anything involving the words “Rolling Stone” all that happens is that I get the Dr. Hook song stuck in my head. It lasts for WEEKS. I mean I *love* Dr Hook and I love the song but now every time someone mentions it I want to strangle them a bit because I know I’ll be singing this for the next month. Just so I’m not suffering  enjoying alone…

Dad was the one that filled my first ipod with Dr Hook songs so you can go ahead and blame him for that too.I wonder if everyone from that generation remembers the music as fondly? I certainly prefer it to most music today XD I think my Dad would probably like a music magazine subscription, though he’d probably prefer it in ipad format because most of his life is on that thing now XDHmm maybe our conversation could go more like this:

Me: How about I get you a special edition of Rolling Stone?

Dad: What’s so special about it?

Me: I’m on the front cover because I totally formed a band in the last 20 minutes, wrote some  awesomely deep songs, toured 50 cities and played to sold out crowds and broke up due to musical differences… *strikes excited pose*

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

Me: -_-‘


Anyway Magshop are having a competition at the moment and here’s what they have to say about it.

Still need to get a Father’s day gift? Surprise dad with a music magazine subscription from Magshop online magazine subscriptions  before 4th October and you could win a Volkswagen Golf!


Do all Dad’s have music obsessions and quote a lot of British comedies too? It probably helps that mine is actually English XD

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