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Fun Summer Fimo Fruit Nail Art Instructions
This video is a reader request: using Fimo slices for nail art.
Start by applying a coat of pink glitter polish. You can see how badly my acrylics have grown out, I need to get to a salon asap!
The polish I’m using is a very sheer jelly so I needed 3 coats to get the colour I wanted.
Make sure that each coat is dry before you start the next.
So when you’re done you should have something along the lines of this.
Now it’s time to glitter the hell out of them.
You will obviously need some loose green glitter for that.
And clear polish to act as glue and sealant.
Take a small container and pour a good amount of the glitter into it.
It needs to be deep enough to fit the nail tip in.
Paint clear polish on following a line as if you were painting french tips.
It doesn’t need to be perfect so no need for a special brush.
While the polish is still wet dip the nail into the glitter.
The glitter will stick to the wet polish so when you pull it out you should have a glitter tip.
Continue painting each tip with clear polish and dipping into the glitter. You’ll notice that it’s not a completely opaque coverage soin a minute we’ll do a second coat.
I would definitely suggest putting down some paper or something to catch the glitter fall out.
Even with that I was picking up random off things for weeks afterwards.
Brush off the extra glitter, I’m using an old make up brush.
Now once it’s dry, if you feel it’s not bright enough then add a second coat.
Coat the tip with clear polish again and then redip it in the glitter.
Brush it off again and you’ve got super glitter.
It might be a little bumpy so if you prefer you can press it into a smoother shape while the polish dries.
We will use some more clear polish to glue the fruit down.
Draw a fairly thick line of polish along the edge of the glitter.
Using tweezers, place the fruit along the line and press them into the wet polish.
You might need to experiment with different types of fruit to fit correctly.
Continue placing fruit until all of your nails are covered.
Wait until it’s completely dry and then we’re almost finished.
The last step is to give it a nice top coat.
Make sure to get into all of the little nooks between the fimo so it seals in the fruit nice and tightly.
Once it’s all dry, you’re finished.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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