So I’ve been really enjoying making videos recently but I know that a lot of you guys here can’t/don’t want to watch them so I’ve decided that rather than spamming the blog with everything I make, I will post to my Youtube channel a couple of times a week and then once a week I’ll do a round up post here ^_^ That way people who want to watch can and people who don’t can just skip these ones! If you want to see the videos as soon as I post please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel over there!

On with the videos then!

First up is a new segment I’m going to do, I get a lot of requests for make up tutorials but they are very time consuming to make so I can’t do them as often as I would like. So compromise: Morning Make Up with Violet! Basically they will be short videos 2-4ish minutes in which I do my make up for various events/outings. There will be basic instructions but not overly detailed because I’m going to spend most of them talking about what I’m doing that day! So it’s kind of like a hybrid of Snapshots and a make up tutorial ^_^

Let me know what you think!

And also posted this week was a Styling Celeste video, this one has us doing a plaited headband look. Because Celeste has dark hair she always worries that plaits and braided styles don’t show they detail they do in lighter hair so we added in a pink extension.


Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you ever have requests ^_^