To keep myself motivated I’m breaking my long craft lists into smaller more manageable ones! I’m only going to put 5 projects at a time on each list and then I think I’ll be able to get through stuff faster without being overwhelmed. Once stuff gets crossed off this list I’ll update it with more stuff from the big lists!


Reader requests:
  • Nail art using fimo slices
  • Purikura iphone app reviews
  • New Blythe outfit for Miss Rosebudd
  • Pencil wrapping/embroidery
  • How to apply false lashes

Long term (stuff to do while watching movies at night):
  • Knitted scarf- 60% done
  • Embroidered purse 25% done
  • Reupholster the couch 0% done
  • Quilted handbag remake 50% done
Short projects (stuff I can do a couple of a day):
  • Suspenders out of house hold junk
  • Using pocky mold for chocolate
  • Rice crispy square recipe
  • Black wedges remake
  • Butterfly hair clips
Sewing machine required:
  • Recycle tartan skirt
  • Pink nightie to skirt
  • Basic hime dress
  • Pinstripe skirt and jacket
  • New slippers
Hair/Make up stuff:
  • Bun with side twisty things
  • Hurry up and edit morning make up videos
  • Looped braid hair
  • Making 1 curl last a week on holidays
  • What to do with short nails
So this isn’t a completely boring post, here are some random purikura photos I made XD
Well enough talking, it’s time to get to it! I’m going to put my new exploring Melbourne thing into practise tomorrow and head out to some local markets 😀
Have a great weekend!

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