At ABC the other day someone asked about my lip colour and I couldn’t remember the combination to tell them >_< Now I can’t remember who asked so if it was you let me know and I’ll update, sorry my memory is so bad!!

I’ve been preferring bright colours lately so I’ve gone back to the sparkly pinks I used to wear. My current favorite base colour is the L’Oreal Colour Riche Intense in Sparkling Amethyst. It’s creamy, stays on well and very sparkly!


To top coat over it for extra gloss I currently  love Lancome Juicy Tube special Yayoi Kusama edition in Crazy Yuzu. It’s pretty much the most sparkly pigmented lip gloss I’ve ever owned.VioletLeBeauxDSC_0157_4384

By themselves these two are nice, pretty good but together holy hell do they pop!

The Sparkling Amethyst:


The Crazy Yuzu which is much sparklier in real life but has lost it’s intensity in the photo 🙁


Nice right? But together:


WIN! Super bright and an awesome depth to it. So there’s the answer to that question 😀 The best part is that the Sparkling Amethyst was one of the things I got from the Priceline Charity Lucky Dip a few weeks ago. I don’t think that all of the Pricelines are running these but if your local one is definitely check it out because not only can you pick up some great bargains but the money goes to a great cause: the Priceline Sisterhood which includes 6 different charities. All you have to do is give a gold coin donation and you get to pick a lucky dip which is wrapped up in bright green or pink wrapping paper!

I’ve been back a couple of times and this is what I’ve lucky dipped so far (not including the Juicy Tube which was sent to me by their PR)


So not only my new favorite lipstick but also Rimmel Stay Glossy:


A 60sec Rimmel polish in “Blue My Mind” (which looks much more purple than blue to me).


And a Rimmel waterproof green sparkly eyeliner which I used in the false lash look I posted on Monday. I keep picking Rimmel items without realising it XD



Definitely worth checking out 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be putting up the long awaited custom nails/decals review from Inspired Nails. Slowly catching up on everything. This weekend has been put aside to get some crafting done finally so if you’ve got requests throw them my way now ^_^

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