Today is a random-craft-that-I’ve-completed-kind-of-a-post. James found pictures of a cute rose shaped shower pouf thingy that he thought I would love. Lucky me, it came with a tutorial on Ruffles and Stuff’s blog!

We had a bunch of these little towels left over from an Easyway promotion so I thought I would give it a try!

Rose Shower Flower

Click over here for the original tutorial, her results look much nicer than mine!Rose Shower FlowerThe technique is pretty similar to the method I used to make the rose pillow over here.Rose Shower FlowerI used a few different ideas than the original tutorial, I removed all of the edging for a softer look, hand stitched it and added a ribbon so it could hang from a hook.

Rose Shower Flower

The back still has the little hand grip too.

Rose Shower Flower

I’m pretty happy with the results! And that concludes another random craft post. What have you guys been making lately? Anything interesting?

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