It’s been a while since I did one in the series of storage posts but my apartment hasn’t really been in a presentable state lately so that’s why! Today on the tour is my clothing shelving area. Yet again since I took these photos I’ve completely redecorated (I tend to do that a lot) so I’ll have to take some more so I can show you the differences. I’ve re-done the dressing table as my hair/make up area, re organised the shelves in the cupboard as less of a display area. So after this last bit of bedroom area I’ve still got to show you my craft shelves, shoe shelves and bathroom… I should probably start cleaning that now XD

So the wardrobes here aren’t actually wide enough to hold coat hangers properly so I’ve got all my dresses hanging and squished in on an angle, everything else is folded and stacked onto shelves we bought at various junk stores. Poor James doesn’t get any hanging space other than for his nicer suits ^_^

So these are the two shelves:

Violet's Random Storage Ideas

The left one is James’ and the right one is mine though you can probably tell from the fact that his side is full of black XD We stack all of our hats on top and the scarves are folded under that. Seeing how messy it looks makes me want to have a big clean out and get rid of everything >_< I hate throwing things away in case I can reuse them but sometimes when I get in the right mood I will just go nuts and throw everything away.My side of the shelves in more detail:DSC_0358

I do try to be organised and actually keep the clothes sectioned according to type but a lot of the time I end up squishing things where they can fit.

Next to my shelf is a smaller shelf that has little things that need to be organised but don’t have a proper place yet. On the top of that shelf is my present bag. My friends and I often give each other little gifts as you’ve probably seen the package swaps I used to do in my snapshots posts (I’ve had to mostly stop now because international shipping is so freaking expensive), so this is where I keep everything before it’s given away. Now when I see something someone I know might like I just keep it in the bag until I can see them!

Violet's Random Storage Ideas

Beneath that I have sunglasses and James’ belt buckles, I’ve been thinking about deco-ing one of the pairs. I only ever switch between two of them so the other seem kind of wasted!


Below again is scarves and ties all rolled or folded so I can see which is which at a glance.

Violet's Random Storage Ideas


And below again are the tissues, handkerchiefs and face washers. All of this used to be in the cube part of the wardrobe but it fits much better here.

Violet's Random Storage Ideas

Moving on to some other random decorating around the house, I decided to take Miss Glo-w’s advice on my diy chandelier and add some pearls. I bought this chain thing which is supposed to go around a wine bottle for $2…


Cut the bottom off…


And glued it to the centre of the piece. Extra cuteness. I’m going to keep adding strings of various things to it as I get them and eventually when I have a backyard again I’ll probably spray paint it with chrome so it’s super shiny.



Someone also asked about one of the places I posed in front of in an outfit post. My apartment has these gigantic glass panels on most of the doors and walls, they are very pretty but also not quite opaque enough for my taste so I covered them in cheap damask wrapping paper for a little extra privacy and an extra pretty detail.

Violet's Random Storage Ideas

On the other side I use chalk pens to draw when I get the urge. I haven’t done it in a while so they are still decorated in bees from my Pushing Daisies obsession ^_^ I started drawing flowers and daisies at the bottom to match but got bored so ended up temporarily gluing some in place until I can get more inspiration for it.

Violet's Random Storage Ideas

And I think that’s about it for now! Hope you all enjoyed and it gave some ideas ^_^ I would love to hear/see how you decorated your places!

Have a great weekend!

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