Kean from Vanity Box .com.auapproached me a little while ago to test out some of their products and get feedback on everything. Considering the fact that their shop has been on my “to buy” list for quite a while I was pretty happy to say yes! I was sent both clothing and a selection of their make up products so I’ve decided to split it into two posts. Clothes and accessories first, here are my experiences!

General info about Vanity Box:

Vanity Boxis a Korean clothing/cosmetics import website. They are based in Brisbane, Australia. They stock various Korean clothes and Ameli cosmetics. They have a physical store in Sunnybank Australia but mostly deal online. It is a small business run by a couple who share a love of make up.


I was really surprised at the shipping time, on the site domestic orders have a shipping time of 2-3 days but mine arrived 24hours after I finalised which items I wanted. Obviously international orders would take a bit longer but within Australia that’s still super fast.


The site is cleanly laid out and easy to use, I didn’t have any problems finding anything and all of the photos were very pretty while still actually showing the item.

On to the individual item reviews!

Princess Diary Earrings (bottom in the photo)

Price: AU$13.80



Thoughts:The first day I wore the Princess Diary earrings out I received several compliments on how very “me” they were XD It’s a pearl with a damn crown, how could I say no? The pearl feels like the heavier glass fake pearl (as opposed to cheaper plastic) and the crown is a very sturdy metal. The posts seem to be made of a different kind of metal and are a slightly different colour, they feel substantial and well made if maybe a tiny bit heavy when worn for long periods of time, that said I don’t normally wear even remotely heavy earrings so it could just be that I’m not used to them just yet. They sit very nicely  on the lobe and provide a little extra bling without being over the top.violet-lebeaux_vanity-box_034

Flower earrings (not up on the site yet, I will update once they are) (top in the photo)


Again very sturdy metal, the posts feel very securely in place as do the diamantes inside the butterfly. They certainly feel a cut above the kind of earrings you normally get here for around that price point! Each of the petals points a slightly different way so they appear natural and I imagine would be very nice for a spring themed look with some other butterfly accessories. I’m not a huge fan of the colour but I think that’s my fear of orange talking not a legitimate criticism hahaha! I think these would go well in a Pushing Daisies inspired outfit.

Violet LeBeaux_Vanity Box_002

Evening Party Bracelet

Price: AU$16.50

Violet LeBeaux_Vanity Box_001



This is a 4 string pearl bracelet with one large divider filled with diamantes and two smaller dividers on either side. I like the detail of the extra small dividers because they keep the pearl strings firmly in place. The pearls themselves are again glass so they have a good weight to them. The diamantes all seem very secure and I have worn it out several times without losing one. I keep mentioning this because in my experience tiny diamantes are the first thing to go! The silver dividers are shiny as hell so it looks awesome with other blingy jewellery or just by itself to add a tiny bit of sparkle.


And just because I freaking love this photo, here’s what it would all look like old photo style 😀


The package came with business cards, lollipops and a little ghost kitty notebook. So cute! Businesses always get extra points from me by including little sweets 😀




Candy Mirror (Not on the site yet, will update with details)



This little gold flip mirror has been decorated on one side with ruffled nylon lace and dessert cabochons. The star cookie had fallen off in transit but a dab of glue fixed that very easily. I’m not a fan of gold so much so this one wasn’t to my personal tastes but I do appreciate the idea objectively! Had it been in silver I think I would have loved it a lot, as is I think I still would like it if I deco’d the other side. The flat side is the perfect deco surface actually so it leaves it open as a perfect personalised gift if you add their initial ^_^



Leopard Sparkle Pouch

Price: $13.70





I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from this, in the photo on the site it looks like it’s made from satin-ish fabric. In person it’s actually slightly reflective dance-ish material with velvet flock on the leopard print parts and it was very hard to get an accurate colour photo because it changes from pink to orange depending on the light. It has a little gold ball pull on the zipper to make opening and finding it in your handbag nice and easy. The inside is made from dark pink satin and has a pocket on either side. For such a little bag it holds a ridiculous amount of stuff. I have made this my official travel make up bag now because it’s like a Tardis inside  while still compressing down enough to fit in my handbag if I need it to *_* Absolute favorite feature though, is the fold out sides. The zip goes all the way around to the bottom on each side which is great for access but it would also mean if you packed stuff in tightly it would just fall out when you open again, to combat this it has pleated side flaps made out of the inside satin which fold to hold everything. Perfect access without stuff all over the floor. The only critique I have on this piece is that some of the inside edges are raw and exposed so would probably fray over time.

Nova Check Headband

Price: $6.00



Nice simple checked headband available in a couple of different colours. I love it because it’s such a staple item that it can go with pretty much anything. The underneath has lined in a fabric reminiscent of suede which was a really interesting touch, I wasn’t expecting it but the slightly roughness actually held it on my slippery hair better than the little painful teeth bands of this size usually have. Now I want to cover all of my headbands in suede!

Mellow Top

Price: AU$34




Absolutely love the lacy fabric this top is made of, it’s super soft and comfortable. I am wearing it here with a pink belt and a plain white long sleeve shirt underneath because it’s rainy and freezing here at the moment. I thought the design of this was a little bit odd, the sleeves are actually different lengths by around 10cm (not sure if that’s intentional or not) and the bottom hem is folded under at the sides so it forms those little puffy triangles which fall at the hips. I really like it and the quality is nice but I’m still working out the best way to coordinate it for my figure. The sleeve ends have elastic in the gathers so you can push them further up your arms for shorter sleeves. Below you can see it without the belt. It’s completely see through and I think it would be much more flattering with a singlet underneath in Summer rather than a long shirt for Winter so I’m looking forward to wearing it then!


And lastly my absolute favorite piece for the entire bunch!

Angelic OP

Price: $65




I love this dress. This dress is everything that I love about Korean fashion: soft colours, laces, pretty patterns, interesting textures and tiny details. It’s freesize so I would definitely check the measurements before ordering but I found it was quite spacious, the waist was very stretchy elastic and so provided a really nice shape.





The skirt is made a sheer floral lace and has a thin modesty slip underneath. The slip is around 10cm shorter than the dress so it’s very cute but also would be quite short depending on your height, I’m only 151cm and it’s quite short on me. The top is completely see through so I needed to wear a skin coloured singlet underneath. The buttons on the top are pearlescent and very pretty. I love how many textured fabrics are used in this dress, and the top especially is really fun to play with because the fabric is all bobbly XD


I like this one so much I made James take *a lot* of photos ^_^


Wearing it with my current favorite jumper to keep out the cold!


On Monday I will review all of the make up products they sent too, look forward to it because there is a hell of a glittery pink in there!

If any of you are interested in purchasing from Vanity Box they have some special offers for my readers below:

1. Get a store credit worth $5(valid on sale items too) for a limited time of 2 weeks, if you head over to the post here and fill out a 6 question survey.

2. Buyers that leave constructive reviews once they’ve received the item (members that register on the site can leave reviews on product pages) are eligible for store credits worth $5 or $10 . This is available for up to 10 reviewers a month and this is an ongoing offer.

3. For the next two weeks orders over $35 qualify for a free plat lip colour of their choice, normally worth $9.50. Just quote the code “Violet LeBeaux” and choose the colour you want in the checkout comments box.Hope you enjoyed the review, and definitely go have a look around Vanity Box, lots of very cute Korean styled clothing, accessories and make up at very reasonable prices. Yay for Australia actually having reasonably priced imports finally!

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