This is a video on how I create the fade effect in my hair. It was created for a post on my blog. This is not intended to be a tutorial but instead to answer questions I get on a daily basis. I DO NOT suggest you try this without consulting a hair professional first.

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I get quite a few questions about my hair and how I achieve the fade from blonde to pink to copper at the tips.
I’m not an expert but this is the routine I use.
I would always suggest going to a hairdresser just in case.
You can see in the photos the top picture if after the pink has faded out and the bottom is freshly dyed.
This is the end result.
I generally bleach my roots before the beginning.
The pink I use is not permanent but the copper at the tops is so it doesn’t require touch ups.
Normally I do this all while showering to save time.
Start by shampoo-ing your hair.
Squeeze out most of the extra moisture but keep it fairly wet.
This whole process is really best done in the shower so you don’t get dye and water everywhere!
Divide into two sections and pin your fringe out of the way.
Give it a good brush through.
This whole process will depend on the dye you’re using.
Please read and follow the individual instructions there.
Twist each section inwards towards your face.
Again this technique is just what works for my dye and my hair type, it may not work for yours.
The dye I’m using here is called “Wakk Stain” in pink.
Squeeze a good amount on to the palm of your hand.
Depending on the type of dye you may need to wear gloves.
Put a little dye on the tips of your fingers and rub it on where you want the bottom of the gradient to start.
Rub in by twisting the section of hair around your fingers.
Continue adding colour little by little by twisting arund your fingers.
Add more towards the bottom to make the colour brighter.
To make a nice fade up the top just use your fingers to move small amounts of the dye which is already on your hair upwards.
Because the hair is wet you should be able to move the dye fairly easily.
Keep twisting and adding dye.
The twisting prevents the dye from covering every single strand of hair so when it’s untwisted and dry, the fade is more gradual.
Every now and then you can untwist the hair and comb through with your fingers.
This will let you see how the colour is progressing and where you need to add more.
After a while you can start to see the fade forming.
Once you have the top fade in the way you want it just add a bunch more dye to the bottom section so it’s nice and bright.
The time to head to the shower and wash it all out!
The dye I use doesn’t need to be left in long so I generally just wash out and then add condition as soon as I’m done.
It doesn’t stain so you can see it’s come straight off my hands.
Hah! I even managed to keep all my make up on when washing it out. That’s an achievement!
Blow dry it out and you’re all finished.
You might want to take this time to have your own slow motion hair commercial moment… or not.
Finished! It’s much brighter and the fade is very gradual.
As I mentioned this is just the technique that works for me it may not work for you depending on hair type or the dye you’re using.
Pretty pink hair again and the fade is pretty good, yay!
This dye fades very quickly so I usually do this once a week or if I’m lazy just when I have a special event.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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