Remember a while ago the lovely Marie from One Day in Paradise sent me some dresses? I showed you the ways I co-ordinated the first one over here. I promised to show the other dress and the shoes she also gave me and here it is!

You’ve seen the first couple of co-ordinates before in other posts but my favorite one is at the bottom.

I first wore it at a Keihls event.


Dress details: Infanta Deer Jsk with pompom trim (just sold out before I put up the post so no link *_*)Worn with… Shirt: SES Stockings: Myer Shoes: BodylineKIEHL-S_www.JimmyAmerica.com_065_595

I wore it again up in Brisbane, it’s made of a fairly heavy fabric so it doesn’t crease easily. Perfect to throw in a suitcase.

photo copy

Again perfect suitcase material so I wore it the second day at the Langham 😀 The pearl/bow chain at the front unclips so I wore it as a bracelet too.


This next one  is my favorite co-ordinate though, because the fabric is so nice and thick it’s perfect for winter here.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_014

Stockings: Myer Shoes: 7 Angels (I think, it was one of those discount clothing stores along Swanston St) Gloves: Junk Store Neck thingy: Present from my Mother Shirt: SES

All of that fluffiness makes it so nice and warm!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_011

The skirt is huge with ample room for a petticoat if you choose to wear one.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_013


The front bow also detaches and so could be moved around or worn in your hair etc. The pearls used are glass too so they have a nice weight unlike the cheaper plastic pearls a lot of companies use.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_029

My absolute favorite part of the dress is a fluffy adorable faun applique! SO CUTE!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_016

The back of the dress has crossing lace up to make it completely adjustable. Unrelated but my hair is getting so looong!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_021

Better view of the lacing:

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_017

And a better view of the lace and detailing:

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_018

Love this dress very much, it’s been a really good staple of my Winter wardrobe 😀 Thank you One Day in Paradise, I’m such a lucky girl!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_027

Along with the dress Marie dropped off a pair of shoes for me, because we walk everywhere now I’m always looking for good walking shoes. I love my Bodyline shoes to death but I can’t wear them every single day XD

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_035 Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_036

Please excuse the fur on my stockings, I had just taken off the boots from the shots above and the are shedding like crazy because I haven’t brushed them through yet >_< Of course the camera flash picks up a lot more detail than my eyes do!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_037

So the shoes have cute little heart buckles on the sides, lace details ad bows on the front and backs. They are made of very thick material (thicker than my Bodyline ones) and don’t seem to scuff easily.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_038

The heel is not very high at all and considering the front has a small platform too it makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The soles are quite grippy too do they don’t do badly in the rain.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_039

Very cute for many different outfits and styles!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_033


Thank you again so much Marie! I always have so much fun doing these posts and dressing up 😀

One Day in Paradise information:

Infanta Jsk – Just sold out before I put the post up ;_; But check out the other Infanta pieces on the site, they are very pretty. Do get in quick though because as you can see, they sell out fast!

Medium Heeled Mary Janes and they are available on the ODIP site for $59.95. These white PU Mary Janes have a 6cm heel and 1 cm sole, ankle straps and double buckle straps. All sizes are available. One Day In Paradise is permanently open for business at the Visage n Vice Boutique, 248 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 7 DAYS A WEEK!

One Day in Paradise is going to be at AVCon in Adelaide 23-24th July and is sponsoring the Lolita Fashion Show and the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Brand competition on Saturday 23rd July at 11:30am.

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