My last pair of white stockings died this month so most of my outfits have been much darker to accomodate. Must remember to go looking for a place to buy more white and cream ones so I can go back to normal!


Dress: Made by me Cardigan: Present from my Mum (I think it’s from Myer?) Shoes: Present from the awesome Cat at The Khromazone Bow- Junk storeVioletLeBeauxDSC_0310_3142

Nice and casual for lunch out. I love these shoes so much, they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own, so nice for walking in!

This next one was my “taking James’ computer to the repair shop” outfit XD I’m sure the repair people totally cared what I was wearing haha!


Bow: Present from Louise Jacket: Ice (many years ago) Dress: Paige Flynn Shoes: Spendless


I so love that jacket but argh it’s got so many stupid hook closures it’s such a pain to wear! Every time I get one done up I manage to undo several below it so I get frustrated and avoid it even though it’s one of my favorites >_<


This one was for dinner with Celina from Fables in Fashion and her partner.

Shirt: SES Cream Dress: Paige Flynn Tartan Dress: Can’t remember, some skanky store with obnoxious clubbing music that was way too loud. Feather headband: Diva


This pink and gold make up is part of my effort to branch out a bit and not be so scared of golds/browns/metallics XD I quite liked the result.


The hair here was a bit of an experiment too, not exactly how I planned it but I would probably give it another try.