Yesterday my laptop Sophie became deathly ill with a broken right fan motor. It looks like she’s going to be out of action for a least a week while she’s in hospital. I’ve got posts saved for this week but until she’s better I’ll be working from Edward, my 7yr old previous laptop so replies and everything might be slower than usual because well… he’s slower than usual XD

Tomorrow I’ll be posting another hair video Celeste and I made and after that is using some Illamasqua make up as temporary hair colour. Hopefully the only thing that gets pushed back is the crochet bunny tutorial because I can’t video edit on this machine (the edit software is too new to run on him).

Fingers crossed I can find a reliable non-busy, non-crazy expensive place to fix Sophie soon!

Recommendations of city based Mac repair stores would be greatly appreciated!

Have a good weekend, I’m going to use the down time to do a bunch of craft projects! I’ll probably post the list of projects over at my mobile blog later today if anyone wants to see ^_^

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