Funny coincidence that the bunny won the knitting/crochet poll right when I was busy crocheting another bunny! The lovely BittenBefore came to visit in Melbourne a few weeks ago and we’d been chatting online for quite some time as well as having a lot of real life mutual friends so we all went out for dinner 😀

We exchanged gifts and part of what she brought me was this super cute jute knitting kit:


Of course what’s actually in the project photos and instructions above is crochet haha! The included projects were a pot holder and basket but I decided to be adventurous and come up with something myself. What I ended up with was a little bunny shaped scent pouch to hold potpourri or nice smelling oils and be kept in a sock or underwear drawer.


Pretty cute huh?What you need:

  • Jute or yarn for the middle part
  • Strips of rose fabric or contrasting yarn for the outside
  • A crochet hook of corresponding size to your yarn
  • Scissors
  • Potpourri or scented oil etc

Cast on a stitch…


And form a foundation ring of around 5 stitches. Chain one and then single crochet into the next. We’re creating a big spiral which forms a circle. To get there you want to double up stitches on every 3rd stitch as you go around.


It should look something like this…


When you get to the size you want your bunny’s head tie off. I made mine around 8cm in diameter.


Repeat, making another circle. This time add 2 long ears out of chain.


These are the pieces you should have now:


Now fit the two sides together and if you feel you need it, pin the middles so they don’t move around.


To join them we will use the floral fabric strips to crochet the two halves together.


Basically using the fabric as yarn you want to pick up a loop from either piece and treat them as one loop.


Single crochet around the outside of the whole thing.


Should look something like this…


When you get to the ears keep going up and around them. The extra bulk will give them ore shape. You may need to crochet twice into the tops of the ears to give them that curved shape.



And finished…


You can see that at the top behind the ears the back piece isn’t joined so it’s formed a little opening making it like a bag. If you’re going to add in potpourri this is where to do it


I decided to use perfume oil instead of potpourri. I was gifted this delicious smelling cake oil from Epically Epic Soap co. by SheFallsSoftly and it’s soooo good. Seriously the most realistic cake fragrance ever.


The jute holds scents really well so I just rubbed the perfume oil around the inside…


… and popped it in my stockings drawer!


Done! If I had actually sat down and done it in one siting it would probably have taken around an hour and a half. This blog is turning into a crochet bunny spree hahaha XD

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