Following on from yesterday’s post on Summer tutorials here is a selected collection of Wintery ones (some old, some recent) for those who haven’t been reading for long 😀

Tutorial- DIY Faux Fur Trim For Your Jacket

DSC_0629 copy

Faux Fur Coat Maintenance

Winter Coat Maintenance

Boot Customization Tutorial 😀

Tutorial- Modifying Boots

Faux Fur Bow Capelet Tutorial


Glove Cutening Tutorial

Glove Tutorial

Hand Knitted Fingerless Glove Tutorial

Knitted Gloves Tutorial

Turning a Sweater into a Cardigan

Tutorial- Reshaping a Sweater into a Cardigan

How to Make Cardigan Clips

Tutorial- Sweater Clips

Jumper/Sweater Customisation

Jumper Modification Tutorial

Pearl Beret- Quick Craft


Sewing Stripey Winter Roomwear


A year’s worth of hat








Knitted Hat

A lot of my older ones would probably work in Winter but weren’t specifically themed for Winter so I left them out. Hope you found something you hadn’t seen before!

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