Quick note first, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a new Deviant Art account so if you’re on there let me know your username so I can add you! Mine is: http://violetlebeaux.deviantart.com/

I get a lot of comments from people up in the Northern Hemisphere saying they are going to save my tutorials for later when they actually reach the season I’m writing about and with the number of posts that have piled up in the tutorials page I imagine it’s probably a little annoying to try to find things XD I know a lot of you are coming into Summer and are probably sick of all the talk of Winter here, so for your convenience here is a selected list of Summer friendly tutorials!

Clothes Recycling- Pink Shirt/Floral Dress

P1040085 copy

Diy CanCan Hat Tutorial

CanCan Hat Tutorial

Cancan/Straw Boater Modification Take 2!

Boater Hat Modification 2

Customising a Baseball Cap

Decorated Cap Tutorial

DIY Cute Overalls From Scratch


White Dress Recycling Project

P1040096 copy

Overhead Summer Plait Hair Style

Braids Hair Tutorial

How to Cute-ify a Fan for Summer

How to make a fan cuter

Hope you found something useful and tomorrow I’ll post a Winter themed list too for new readers who weren’t here the last few years!

Have a great weekend 😀






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