I’ve been promising to do a basic how to knit and crochet tutorial for quite a while now and here I am with the first step.

What I want to do is rather than just have the standard “how to” that you could find anywhere online is that I want to show how to actually make something useful so it’s more interactive like a big knit-a-long and by the end of the tutorial you’ve got something nice to show for it. I wanted to make something that you guys would actually like so rather than picking myself I figured we would have a poll and whatever gets the most votes is what we will make for the project ^_^

I’m not sure whether more people are interested in crochet or knitting so that’s the first section of the poll. All of these projects can easily be done with either knitting or crochet so it doesn’t matter.

These are the projects and their positives and negatives, you can cast your vote below after you read through.

Beginners Knitting and Crochet Ideas

#1. Striped scarf with pockets on the end.
Most beginners start with a scarf, I started making scarves for my dolls when I was 3 in England. This one is super easy but still has cute elements to make it interesting. It can be as long as you have patients for and there are pockets at the ends for your hands. Depending on the yarn and needle size you use you can make it suitable for most seasons. The downside to this one is that it does take a very long time to make, this isn’t a quick project if you are a beginner! While it’s an impressive end project it’s very tempting to not bother to finish a project like this when you get half way and realize how long you’ve been doing it!

Beginners Knitting and Crochet Ideas

#2. Heart face washer.
I did a brief tutorial on this one before but it wasn’t very detailed. This is very quick to make and doesn’t take much yarn so it’s cheaper too. The end product is cute too because you can use it as a wall decoration to remind you of your first project ever!

Beginners Knitting and Crochet Ideas

#3. Small basket
Again on the smaller and quicker side of projects so you won’t want to quit half way. This is a very little basket which can be used to hold hair accessories or trinkets. Not much yarn needed here either.

Beginners Knitting and Crochet Ideas

#4. Bunny Toy
Lastly we have the bunny toy which would make a really cute present for a friend or just a present for you! While it doesn’t have much actual use it’s still adorable and a good keepsake for remembering learning how to knit. Again this one doesn’t take up much yarn so is quick and cheap to knit.

All of the projects have the same skill level (they are all basically just knitting squares or rectangles) so just pick the one you like best!

Ok so please cast your vote in the poll below if you are thinking of taking part and I will do my best to come up with something easy to follow. I’m planning both video and also photos to make it easy for everyone.

Which do you want to learn first?



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Which project do you want to make?



Wash Cloth


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Thanks for voting and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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