Snapshots time!

As promised here are the images from the blogger meet up/interview at Illamasqua meeting the creator Julian Kynaston ^_^

Julian Kynaston_www.JimmyAmerica.com_003

Stef and Jacie asked a lot of really intelligent questions, I’m not good with interviews because I prefer just to listen and learn. We talked about up coming plans for an Illamasqua scent,  the S.O.P.H.I.E charity’s launch here as well as so much more.Julian Kynaston_www.JimmyAmerica.com_005

The lovely You’ve Got Nail got it all on video so I would suggest taking a look see for a really interesting interview!

Julian Kynaston_www.JimmyAmerica.com_001

The highlight of the night for me was when he mentioned that the Illamasqua girls at the Chadstone counter had recommended me to him and told him to look out for me. So sweet!


All of the lovely ladies and Julian together:


The rest of James’ photos are here!

That week was so busy, the previous day there was an event at Kiehls to promote the fact that they are lowering their Australian prices to be more in line with the international prices. OMG A BEAUTY COMPANY LISTENED TO OUR COMPLAINING!!!


We were treated to yummy sushi 😀


The full list of prices being dropped can be found in store, some of them are up to 50% less now!


Celina and I with the lovely PR agent Jess who is super tall and had the cutest outfit.


I had to take a photo of her shoes because they were EPIC! I can’t believe she had been walking in these all day!!


Most of the MBBE girls were there as well as other bloggers, it was awesome getting to meet so many new lovely people!


We each had our skin looked at and were recommended custom products to suit. This is my attendant Daniel, he was super nice and even managed to squeeze in advice for James XD


No other company has ever bothered to ask James if he wanted samples so he was pretty chuffed! I’m going to force him to write a review of them here too mwahaha! I’ll be reviewing the products I was given too after I’ve tested them suitably.


We learnt about the history of the brand and spoke about the price drop. I have to say that I am in favor of anything that involves bringing Aus prices to a reasonable point compared to the rest of the world.


Dr Skeleton is in the house!


Favorite photo of the day involved stealing James’ hat 😉 It was a really wonderful night out yay for Kiehls and I’ll let you all know how I go with the products!


The rest of James’ photos are here.

I’ve been digging through all my old photos looking for something specific so I thought I would posts some of the ones I found on the way today.

I found this photo the other day and it made me miss Brisbane a bit, well not so much Brisbane as our old house. We used to have a direct view into the city from our old place, this was the view from our balcony at sunset:


Speaking of pretty views this is the view from James’ parents place on the Sunshine Coast. Sometimes they would let us have a holiday there and I totally miss that too! Waking up to the ocean is nice, though there was about 12093091283 birds that lived in that tree outside who made it their mission to wake me up every morning at like 5am *_*


Saw these ages ago, heehee clearly someone who works for this company has been spending too much time listening to me…


James and I are mature as ever…


We do pay for our immaturity though, there was something in that icing which burned like hell! We ended up having red marks in the shape of the moustaches for a few hours after *_*

I found these photos of progress doing embroidery and it made me want to start up again.


I have so many half finished crafts laying around that it’s probably a bad idea though >_< They are all really long term projects though like cross stitches or big embroidery bags or other things that take lots of time and commitment so I find it hard to have motivation to keep going if I can see the end in sight. I really want to start knitting something again too but I feel like I should finish the other stuff first. Bleh, I’m in a crafting rutt and I need to re-motivate myself.


I think it’s probably all the rain that makes me just want to sit inside with a hot chocolate and nap all day. Very bad for productivity but damn nice anyway!

P1040243 copy

I’ve set up my sewing machine properly now so it’s out all the time in hopes of motivting myself. Maybe I’ll set up my tea warmer there too to bribe myself off the couch and away from the computer haha!

P1040245 copy

All the rain makes me want to buy cute gumboots for walking around town too XD I keep seeing cute designs around…

P1040211 copy

I also tried to clean out my nail polish collection but that just resulted in making a bit of a mess >_<


James continues to experiment with alternative hair styles but I’m not sure any of them are working for him…

IMG_1237 IMG_1084

I’m still completely fascinated with the architecture here and it seems everywhere we go has a pretty  building or a stunning interior…

P1040277 copy P1040273 copy

And I suppose that’s about it for now… I should stop procrastinating by writing this and go try to finish those crafts I was talking about!


Do you guys get into a crafting rut sometimes too? How do you all find motivation to get started again!? I need suggestions ;_; Should I try to persevere and finish my big long term crafts which I’m bored of or should I get right back into it with something small, easy and fun?

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