Today is my birthday so no proper post because I’m off doing something that requires me to expend no effort whatsoever 😀 I don’t usually celebrate it but as I mentioned a while ago I’ve been in an out of character good mood for this time of year hahaha.

I think it’s because 1 year ago James and I moved in to our first apartment here in Melbourne and it’s been one of the best years of my life so far. I love the city, I love our apartment and I love all the new friends we’ve made over the last year.

It’s been one of the most eventful years of my life, to give you an idea in this last year (give or take a few weeks) I have:

  • Saved for a house deposit
  • Almost moved to Ipswich
  • Visited Victoria/Melbourne for the first time
  • Used said house deposit savings to drive down and move to Melbourne in the biggest gamble I’ve ever taken
  • Made SO many friends both online and offline and met a bunch of awesome bloggers in person that I had been chatting to for years online
  • Had my email account hacked and moved servers for the site
  • Picked up friendships that distance separated almost 6 years ago right where they left off
  • Fell in with a bad crowd (of awesomely sweet and adorable beauty bloggers who I love to death!)
  • Started blogging every day
  • Started my mobile blog
  • Wrote and posted 108 new tutorials (zomg I didn’t realise it was that many *_*) and 313 posts overall
  • Rode a tram for the first time
  • Had my nail art stocked in real shops
  • Had my hair flowers stocked in real shops
  • Dyed my hair pink
  • Opened my blog store and moved about 7000 images to my own server
  • Launched an ebook and started writing a craft book, put the craft book on hold because there was too much graphic design and site update work to handle
  • Started saving that house deposit to start things all over again!
  • Plus so many more awesome things that I can’t even remember now XD

By the numbers my most popular posts have been:

I’ve read deleted and reported 27,379 spam comments up until around August when I installed a new spam system to try and help with it. The site got 4320 real comments and I replied to each one of them too so thats 8640 hahaha 😀 Thanks to you guys for reading and commenting, it makes all the time I spend writing here worthwhile!

It’s been a really good year and I’ve had a fantastic time in Melbourne, I hope we get to stay here for a good few more years to come!

So what am I doing today? No clue yet, I think I’ll relax in bed all night with a book, maybe go out to some markets and to my favorite Japanese place for dinner tonight, maybe get my nails done. Earlier in the week James and I were treated to a lovely night at the Langham so I’ll post all the photos from that soon!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and here’s a picture to tide over until tomorrow ^_^ Thank you all for your support over this year and here’s hoping for many more!!

<3 Violet

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