I love me a good gimmick. Give me something shiny with a new feature and I’m all over it XD I’ve seen and tried similar systems to this before with mixed results so when Eyemajic arrived in my post office box from their PR agency I was intrigued.


For those who haven’t seen these before, the basic idea is that these little strips apply fancy eyeshadow for you and are aimed at women who don’t know/don’t have time to apply complicated looks. The pack has enough for 2 applications and costs $4.95 or a 5 pack for $10.95 from Miss Lacy.VioletLeBeauxDSC_0011_1851The two pieces come in a little plastic packet which has a peel off back. Each foam paddle thing has 3 colours which are complimentary. Mine was brown, pink and white. You can see that some of the shadow had rubbed off in the corner of the paddle in transit but not enough to make a difference to the finished look.VioletLeBeauxDSC_0012_1852

The idea is that you press it to your eyelid then drag to the side to apply. You can see from the picture that the paddle was a bit small for my eye but after blending it didn’t matter much.


After once swipe most of the make up was on my eye. Though it wasn’t very easy to apply with precision.


The right eye seems to have a lot more of the white than the left and I couldn’t get them very close to the lash line because of the shape of the paddle. Having an upwards curve at the bottom seems like a good idea but when your eye is closed the curve really needs to point down to match the eye shape.


After the swipe:


Nothing was left on the paddle:


After applying the other one, it looked like there was more of the top silver colour on the right than the left, once it was blended you couldn’t tell though.


I used a brush to blend the colours in and distribute them evenly around the lid and this was the result.


So all in all I like the idea and it’s very easy to use. The colours blended well and while they didn’t look good on me I imagine the colours would go well on someone with a different skin tone. For the long term it would be much more cost effective to just buy a palette of eye shadow, a brush and learn how to apply yourself but these definitely have a place. They would be great for girls just getting started in make up or for girls who don’t normally wear make up at all to use at special events. They don’t require any skill to use and provide a nice result but you also lose out on the ability to completely customize a look to the most flattering one for your skin tone and shape so it’s 50/50.

VioletLeBeauxDSC_0026_1866 Verdict- definitely have a purpose and would be great for girls who don’t know how to apply make up. Easy to use, applied smoothly and decent result. DO WANT but for my kid sister (if I actually had one ) or to teach friends how to apply make up or if I only had like 5min to get ready. These would be a good back up plan for last minute outings or to keep in your handbag for emergencies 😉

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