Outfit time ^_^


Shoes- City Beach maybe? Can’t remember but it was some beach-ish store like that Dress- Made by me. Beret- Portmans, modified by me Scarf- Forever New Cardigan- Gift from my MotherI love this dress, every time I post a photo of it someone asks about it XD So to avoid confusion and repeating myself here is the dress’ vital statistics:

  • I made it as a back up for my 2009 Nuffnang Awards night dress
  • It took around 3 hours to sew
  • I made up the pattern and it is the one I base 90% of the dresses I sew for myself on
  • The fabric was from Spotlight, possibly from the quilting section, I can’t remember
  • I got such a tight/tailored/good fit by adjusting it on myself
  • No I can’t make another one because I can’t find the fabric again
  • Yes the pattern on the dress is the same as my blog’s background, I scanned and photoshopped it until it looked good, took a few hours.

I think that’s everything XD


I don’t have much purple in my wardrobe but I really wanted to try and coordinate this top because it’s got such pretty buttons!


Cardigan- Ice Shirt- Forever New Skirt- Present from Celeste Gloves- Forever New Shoes- Bodyline


Shorter than I usually wear but still kind of cute ^_^


As the weather gets much chillier I’ve been busting out all my warm clothes again and loving it!


Don’t worry I didn’t dye my hair, though the panicked PM’s on Twitter were very funny!

Wig- Fashion Addict Shirt- Paige Flynn Skirt- Vintage present from Super Kawaii Mama Hat- Made by me Stockings- Myer, dyed accidentally pink by my washing machine. Jacket- Forever New, modified by me


I really need to finish modifying this jacket, I love it but the fit isn’t quite right yet and I want to add to it and make it a bit more personalised.


Again this has been full of casual clothes but as Winter sets in more I think I’ll have more motivation to get dressed up more!