So remember that leopard print nail art I was talking about when I reviewed Molten Metalics from Face of Australia? I actually got around to doing it! No, it’s not particularly original and I’ve done the same pattern a bajillion times but it’s still hard to not look at in the sunlight!
I’ve previously done a video tutorial on leopard print but some people have trouble following videos so here’s a nice easy quick photo tutorial of the steps.


What you need:

  • 3 colours of polish
  • Thin brush
  • Clear topcoat


I’m using false nails, these were the only ones I had left in my stash and they weren’t quite the correct size or the shape I prefer unfortunately. Kind of makes me want to grow out my natural nails again or get awesome glitter acrylics but I just don’t have time or patience for it at the moment >_<Start with clean, filed nails.


Apply 2 coats of base coat and wait until completely dry. The base colour I used was White Gold.


The next colour I’m using is Gold. This is where the tiny paint brush comes in handy!


Paint little splotches all over the nails randomly.


They don’t need to be even or the same size, you can make them as big or small as you like.


Last colour I’m using is Bronze.


Use the tiny paint brush to edge the spotches. Don’t worry about being neat about it and don’t go around the edge in a complete circle, you want it to be broken up into 2-3 parts with gaps between them.


Let it dry, apply a clear top coat for extra shine and you’re done!


You could reverse the colours to put a light leopard print on a dark background for a really pretty effect too.


This is a really good pattern to break your teeth on if you’ve never tried nail art before because it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes 😀

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