I love capes 😀 When I saw this one in the shape of a gigantic bow from JD I was struck with lust. I’ve seen quite a few in that shape over the years but this one was just beautiful… and also $500+ ;_;

I had a heap of white faux fur left over from a commission several years ago so I decided to try out a diy version. This is my end result:

violetlebeauxdsc_0265_1783 VioletLeBeauxDSC_0005_1874

What you need:

  • Faux fur
  • Fabric for the lining
  • Sewing machine/overlocker
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread


Cut out the main shape out of the cape from the faux fur:


Cut out the same shape from the lining and also cut out a rectangle for the middle part of the bow in both the fur and lining fabric.


Pin the main part on the cape together with the lining, good sides sandwiched together. Around the edges poke as many of the tufts of fur into the inside as possible so they don’t get caught on the outsides when you sew it all together.


Over lock the top and bottom edges so you have something like this:


Do the same thing with the little rectangular piece: pin, overlock together the top and bottom seam.


Turn both of the pieces inside out.


This is roughly what you should have…


If you want you can overlock all the raw edges at this point but because they will be encased in fabric and this isn’t going to get much wear and tear I didn’t bother.

So now we need to pleat the edges to form the bow shape. I pleated into 3 folds:


Use the needle and thread to hold them together and repeat on the other side too:


It’s a bit hard to see what I’m doing in the photos here but basically the small rectangular piece is going to join the two pleated ends together. Poke the pleated part into the middle of the rectangular piece and sandwich it between the fur and lining. Fold the edges of the rectangular piece under so nothing is exposed and then hand stitch it all in place.


Repeat on the otherside and it’s a nice big bow 😀

You can see the pleats and stitches better on the inside:


And the finished outside…


And me wearing it!


So tenchincally this was free because I already had the materials but to buy faux fur like this is only around $15p/m at Lincraft so I imagine you could very easily get everything you need for under $20 and probably more around the $12 mark as you don’t need a whole metre for this!


What do you all think?

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