Time for some more random completed projects. One of the things that’s been missing from here for a while is pictures of me actually wearing the crafts that I’ve made. A couple of people have pointed out that they miss it so there are some photos in this post of me wearing some of the things I’ve made recently!

My biggest recent project (that I’ve actually finished) was knitting this skirt. It was really just a way to use up my yarn stash and also try out making a skirt for the first time.


It took around a week of knitting during eps of Buffy at night.IMG_1482



Much shorter and not my normal style but I think I like it anyway. I didn’t really have anything to go with so I paired it with a plain singlet.


I’m not usually comfortable without something covering my arms though so I re-coordinated it in a more “me” way with a cardigan…


Much more comfortable and still pretty cute! Looking at these photos reminds me I need to add more pink to my hair though!


Another random knitting project I completed was a very basic 1 hour pompom sleepy kitty scarf. I was a bit disappointed with the yarn because the amount of string between pompoms caused gaps. Maybe better in garter stitch but I can’t decide if I have enough patience to try it again XD


A lot of people requested photos of the overalls tutorial I made so taadaa…


They are insanely comfy for wearing around the house… not that I wear stockings and heels with them usually haha!


And now my most comfy outfit! This is what I wear  when I come home from a big event and I’m too tired to take out the hair and make up straight away. Throw on a big comfy jumper and big fluffy slippers and BAM relaxation. The jumper is from my tutorial on old sweater customisation here.


Ok now to update those posts with the photos XD

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