Before MBBE I had never heard of KMS California but I’m very glad that they included their shampoo and conditioner set in the gift bags because I found something to add to my must-have list.

Out of all the shampoo/conditioner sets that were in those bags, I found the KMS ones to be the most compatible with my hair. If you want to see what it beat out you can see the other items in the gallery here.

Brand: KMS CAlifornia

Name: Moistrepair Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: I googled for Australian prices and the average seems to be around AU$20 per bottle

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me asking for recommendations for hair treatments and products to fix my damaged hair. I’ve been dying my hair various colours for almost 10 years now and while I’ve escaped most damage it does take it’s toll.

The bleached sections of my hair are relatively unscathed but the pink dye is drying out the ends like crazy. If you have any recommendations for non-damaging-not-ridiculously-expensive pink dye available in Aus I would love to hear them! So yes trying to be kinder to my hair so I can keep the pink happening as long as possible. I’ve tried quite a few different hair treatments and with the exception of one which I will review later, these two products have by far improved the texture of my hair the most.

After using consistently for 1 month I can really feel the difference in the ends especially. Less straw and more silk if you know what I mean XD

The texture to both products was quite thick. The shampoo feels substantial and while lathering easily it doesn’t produce so many bubbles that your entire head is engulfed. The conditioner feels soft and silky but not so slippery that it runs off the hair, it grips well to the hair if that actually makes sense. There’s no strong smell which is also a plus in my books.

The only major con I have for these (other than the intensely ugly/generic looking bottles) is the price. At $20 for 1 bottle you really need to be prepared to invest in it. For me personally I don’t have the budget to do that unless I can find them on sale somewhere.


VERDICT: Overall while it’s certainly not on the cheap side, I think this is the best shampoo/conditioner combination I’ve ever used for my particular hair. So if I had the money to make the choice I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them repeatedly. DO WANT.The PR agency for KMS also sent me their Dry Shine Styler as well as the travel kit to test out after I mentioned I have problems with frizz.Name: Dry Shine Styler

Price: $19.95

Basically it is supposed to shine and smooth down all of your little fly away hairs. I’m sure there is all kind of fancy technology employed to do that but that sort of thing you can read about on their website.


It comes in the form of a glue stick XD The idea is that you can take it anywhere and use it on the go. You are supposed to smooth it straight onto your hair, I found that doing that was too much product and too hard to see what I was doing so instead I applied to my hand and then wiped it onto the hair.

It seems like an odd thing glue-sticking your hair but I remember at school when girls I knew used *actual* glue sticks to do this if they were desperate hahaha!


So does it work? You be the judge…

Before. Unbrushed hair first thing in the morning:


After. Applied very lightly on hands and smoothed down, no brushing:


So yes it does work, and it works very well. You would think it would be heavy and oily to get such a dramatic result but it’s really not. My hair didn’t feel greasy and I couldn’t notice much of a difference at all. There is a light plesent scent with it, kind of smells like a hair salon actually XD

I think the biggest fan of this product surprisingly enough was actually James. As a photographer he is forever having to photoshop out fly away hairs from client work, after one use with me he wanted to take mine to use on shoots. I didn’t want to give it up though so now we argue over who can take it on certain days XD I feel almost like we need a lawyer approved joint custody arrangement!!

VERDICT: Love it. Again pricey but you need so little of it to get results that I imagine it would last for a *very* long time and therefore be worth the investment. James says it’s a must for photographers and I would agree that I can tell when I’ve used it/not used it in outfit photos! DO WANT.

Now small bonus with these reviews, from May 1st if you buy any 2 KMS products you get this cute little travel bag as well as a change to win a $1000 travel voucher. Clearly they know how I think because it’s got my travel motto stamped on it:

“I didn’t come all this way not to look good”


Inside it’s got a bunch of little bottles, sprays and jars to put your travel beauty products. Clear case so you can take it on the plane with you and a pocket inside to hold make up. They even were nice enough to print my name and address onto the label for me XD


So summary? I am very glad that KMS put those first products into the MBBE gift bags because if they hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have been introduced to some of my current favorite products.Very much looking forward to trying and testing more from them in the future. Thumbs up from me.

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