I love making lists, unfortunately once I’ve made that list I tend to forget where I put it and so I have lots of lists floating around the place XD

This is my attempt to consolidate all of my crafting to do’s and tutorial requests into one thing I can look at. I now post an updated version of this to my mobile blog every few weeks so I figured I would add it here this once so if you guys have requests for posts or tutorials you could leave them in the comments. I know that when consolidating all these lists together I’ve probably most or missed out on some older requests so just let me know in the comments if you’ve requested something that isn’t on the list and I’ll add it again ^_^

Crafting to do soon:

Red are the ones I’m hoping to get to soon Blue are waiting for a day when I can get out the sewing machine.

  • Silicone phone case mod
  • Make pretty cushions (request)
  • Try beading something 3D like phone charms
  • Hime nails tutorial
  • Make a lap protector thingy for driving (request)
  • Chopstick lanterns
  • Faux fux bow wrap thingy
  • Make better laptop bag/cover/thing (request)
  • iMac cover to avoid dust at night (request)
  • Cute oven gloves (request)
  • Tea storage ideas (request)
  • Sew easy comfy romper
  • Paper brief case thing (request)
  • Cuter paper towel holder (request)
  • Crochet water bottle holder (request)
  • Claw clip hair bows (request)
  • Basic Hime Gyaru Dress (request)
  • Wrist protector for mouse pad (request)
  • Embroider black beret
  • Other pom pom hair tie
  • Sew light box
  • Learning to knit, the basics (request)
  • Learning to sew the basics (request)
  • Blythe snow ball scarf
  • Snowball tea cozy
  • Strawberry pompoms
  • Nautical skirt knitted
  • Blythe winter coat
  • Go through entire yarn stash and delegate it to projects.
  • Other things I’ve forgotten -_-‘

Currently on hold because I need more supplies:

  • New phone deco
  • Recycled clip top purse
  • Deco laptop
  • Make fly screens. need Magnets
  • Re-upholster couch in leopard print (or maybe something slightly more tasteful) Need to photoshop the results so I can decide if I like it
  • Embroider handbag (need more thread from Daiso)
  • Nail polish stand. (need more boxes)
  • Cake tissue box cover (need brown felt)
  • Try making frozen yoghurt

Reader requests for the long term:

This is stuff that I will get to eventually but not right now due to lack of materials, ideas, time, inspiration, whatever. If your request isn’t here that means it’s been lost while I was consolidating all my lists so please send it again!

Blue means it’s half done.

  • Something to do with crochet table cloths
  • Redo gradient nail art with solid colours
  • What to do with ugly green eco bags
  • What to do with recycled candy wrappers
  • Home made wedding ring pillow
  • Making ribbon flowers
  • Lolita hair accessories
  • How to host a tea party
  • How to put together a cute hime outfit with off brand items
  • How to store bags
  • What’s in my handbag
  • How to use a dotting tool
  • How to store stockings cutely
  • How to store bracelets
  • Cute nail cases
  • How to make rings and hair accessories
  • How to make the $10 coles dress
  • What are cute/girly iphone apps?
  • How to make cute nail art with fimo
  • How to take nice photos for blogging/photography tips

I feel much more organised now XD Now I’ve just got to set time aside to start tackling it all!

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