It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Bourjois! So here’s a review of one of my favorite ranges of lip glosses!

Bought from: Priceline

One thing I like about Priceline is that there is a 2 for 1 sale on Bourjois pretty much every other week and if not that it’s 3 for 2 so if you shop right you can get them for a really reasonable price.

Their website.

Shade: 20

Bourjois Lip Gloss Review

This is the lighter of the two shades I own in this range and I really like it because it looks so natural. It gives a hint of shimmer without being an over the top colour.

Here’s a swatch:

Bourjois Lip Gloss Review

I think the biggest problem I generally have with glitter lip products usually is that they have that crunchy feeling, you know when you can actually feel the glitter mashing against your lips >_< This has NONE of that feeling which is why I love it so much! It’s completely smooth and feels very moisturising when it’s on. Very nice!

And on my lips:

Bourjois Lip Gloss Review

So you can see it’s really not a colour explosion and I think that this shade would probably suit nearly all skin tones because it really is that sheer. I actually prefer the other shade I have in this range, (it’s the darker one but I can’t find the shade number atm because their website is down and I threw out the bottle), as an every day look because it really suits me more but this one is still nice for casual days.

VERDICT: Sparkly, pretty and comfortable to wear. Nice formula, good price when you can get on sale. DO WANT.

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