Last week I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Illamasquacounter opening at Chadstone shopping center. Considering how much fun the city launch was I was really excited to go. They had flown in 3 of their best make up artists to give us all transformations too so that was the icing on an already awesome cake!


Champagne and orange juice was waiting when we arrived.


With lots of the MBBE girls it was awesome to catch up with good friends.


Lovely make up artist Daniel Busuttil welcomed us to the event. All of the MBBE girls are in agreement, he has the most perfect eyebrows that any of us have ever seen.


With the lovely Celina from Fables in Fashion:


And Jaciewho had a “Futuristic Mad Men” themed make over…


Love this photo of her so much:


And this one too, Jamestook so many awesome photos of the night!!


After all of us had caught up, the transformations began!


I was given the royal treatment by the fantastic Philip Buck who is so funny and sweet. The girls started plotting ways to keep him in Australia and not let him go home!


Now before we get to the “after” pictures I should probably explain the idea of an Illamasqua Transformation. The tag line for the brand is “Your Alter Ego” so a transformation is different to a regular make over because it is supposed to take you completely out of your comfort zone and show you an alter ego. So if you think it will be too traumatic to see me in anything other than sweet cutesy things it’s probably a good idea to skip the rest of this post -_-‘


Philip’s skills were amazing. I told him the look that I usually go for and that I wanted something completely crazy and he ran with it!


My eyes started freaking out at the powder (crazy sensitive eyes) half way and watering everywhere so I undid some of his beautiful work, instead of re-doing he took it as inspiration and turned it into something even more awesome!


This sparkly pigment was awesome and I have added to my want-list!


Starting to get darker now…


Adding more pigment…


Before, the regular plain old me with just foundation, lip gloss and lashes:


After, the transformed Tim Burton nightmare me:


And with the mastermind himself!


Rocking our transformations:


And with Melwho looked absolutely stunning in her Black Swan inspired Transformation


And Daniel who was the genius behind it!


By the end of the transformation there was a whole crowd of onlookers watching us XD

Some of the MBBE girls and I trying to do our scary faces:


We’re not so great at being scary though!


From left to right: MaddyVal, Jess, me, Celina and Stef

The rest of the post is just going to be pic spam because it was so cool it deserves pictures!


Haha the poor other girls were convinced that they were going to have nightmares about me!


I think James was a little worried about waking up to this too hahaha!


These ones were taken once we got home and could control the lighting


My absolute favorite photo:


All in all it was a fantastic night and I really enjoyed breaking out of my comfort zone. I like trying new things, that’s how you discover old favorites! I would definitely recommend having an Illamasqua transformation, it’s an awesomely fun way to try something new.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my alter ego 😉

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