Before I get into the post today there’s just a small announcement I need to make! Recently there has been a rash of blogging related fraud. Including several scam artists posing as certain bloggers I know to demand free products from companies. One of the companies scammed recently was The Sticker Monster who have been a sponsor of mine for quite sometime and who’s owner I consider a friend. Please see this video for more information. Apparently this scam artist said that they found The Sticker Monster through my blog which really upset me.

So everyone please be on notice and watch for this person! >:(

To avoid any possible problems please know that the ONLY email address I ever use now is VIOLET @ VIOLETLEBEAUX . COM I no longer use my old gmail account (though I still have control of it) or any other accounts. If you receive any emails from someone claiming to be me from any other address please let me know asap.

It makes me really disgusted that anyone would do anything as low as trading on someone else’s hard work building a blog just to get free things. Not ok.

Please stay safe everyone and be aware of who you’re talking to online, it never hurts to contact someone via Twitter or a blog comment to confirm things. This sort of thing is becoming more and more common so be careful!

Time for some more random outfits ^_^

This is my favorite casual outfit at the moment…


The skirt is really big and loose so it’s rally comfortable for lounging around :DDress- Thrift store, recently modified by me Stockings- Myer Shoes- Bodyline Cardigan- Target I think Scarf- Valley Girl Bow- Junk store

This was my picnic outfit for James’ romantic surprise picnic! It looks really washed out in the photos but in real life it was very pink ^_^


Hat- Big W, I added the flowers Dress- Random store at Harbour Town Stockings- Myer (made pink by my washing machine) Cardigan- Ice Bag- Angelic Pretty Scarf- Junk store Sunglasses- Thrift store


This outfit was at one of Celeste’s going away parties.


Dress- Ice (Totally one of my favorite dresses at the moment!) Everything else has already been mentioned in previous outfits above XD

When we got home James wanted to test some of his new lighting set up so I got to show off the hair that I was rocking that night!


I am very much loving random little accents in hair at the moment!


And lastly a random Summery outfit for shopping ^_^


Do you guys prefer these outfit posts with several outfits like this or just one at a time?

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