The other day when I posted about the Illamasqua eye pencila couple of people asked about the eyeshadow I was wearing, well here it is! It was one of the items in the MBBE gift bags as you can see below 😀


It’s the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow in “Enchanted Forest Shimmer”.

Just with the shadow and mascara:

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow

The price here in Aus for one of these is $42 (according to their website) which is on par with other high end brands here. Unfortunately as per usual here in Aus we pay more than twice as much for most of our cosmetics that those overseas for absolutely no reason whatsoever >:(

The quality is very lovely, it really glides on and it’s quite pigmented without looking fluorescent. I think it’s a really nice way to do a non-natural colour without being too over the top. The colour lasted all day for me with no problems and stayed where it was supposed to.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow

With liner and the rest of my make up:

Finished eyes.

VERDICT: High end brand and therefore out of my budget… still very good quality, lasts well through the day and doesn’t migrate. DO WANT (but not at Australian prices).

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