This is another dress re-make I did a while ago ^_^ Originally I bought this dress at a thrift store for like $8 and I loved it to death because it was super comfy as well as being nice and cool for Summer. Unfortunately there are only so many times you can repare something so when the strap broke for the millionth time  I took it as a sign it was time for a re-make. Then I left it sitting in my sewing pile for 2 years because I’m lazy.

I still love the skirt part, looks especially good with big dramatic heels, so I chopped off the top.

White Dress Recycling Tutorial

I picked out some nice stretchy white cotton and used a singlet I knew fit well as a template.

White Dress Recycling Tutorial

I cut out two pieces like this:

White Dress Recycling Tutorial

I overlocked the sides and around all the raw edges.

White Dress Recycling Tutorial

Next it was sewing the two pieces together.

White Dress Recycling Tutorial


White Dress Recycling Tutorial

As you can see there is a fairly noticable colour difference between the new fabric and the old, such is life unfortunately but after giving the whole thing (minus the coloured parts at the bottom) a nice dunking in some bleach it all matches again. I have also been considering dying it a completely different colour but can’t decide which one!

Anyway back to the actual sewing part…

I used some eyelet lace to edge the top section on the sides:

White Dress Recycling Tutorial

Then after measuring the length I used the eyelet lace as straps and for the front section edging as well:

White Dress Recycling Tutorial


White Dress Recycling Tutorial

So that’s it! Another nice comfy dress saved and reworked to something more current-wardrobe friendly ^_^

P1040093 copy

And here is what it looks like on. Zombie dress rises from the dead to live again!!

P1040091 copy

I haven’t bleached or dyed it yet but once the rain lets up I think that’s my next project ^_^

P1040096 copy

Hope you enjoyed the remake ^_^

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