Today is the next part of my Ulta 3 polish reviews ^_^

To recap:

Brand: Ulta3

From: Local chemists, don’t think you can get it online but I could be wrong. Generally sold in large discount bins.

Price: $2-3

Volume: 13.5ml

Bottle: Generic round bottle with a white top.  Fairly cheap looking but who cares for $2 XD Only real problem I’ve found is that the glue holding the brush to the lid is a bit crap so often the lid comes off minus the brush. Easily fixed by removing any dried polish around the top of the bottle and closing/opening it again.

Brush: Average size, flexible.

Drying Time: Roughly the same for all of them. Fairly quick but nothing to write home about.

Colour Name: Sweet Violet

Description: Grey-ish lilac with a silver shimmer.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Thoughts:Meh. In the bottle this one looks quite pretty but on it just feels like a big pile of meh. It’s less violet and more grey. The silver is quite over powering, I think I would like it a lot more if it had a blue tone through it. Either way it just looks a bit boring to me.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Good for: -Umm… Wintery themed nails? -Subtle manicures or plain things for work

Bad for: -Interesting manicures hahaha! Eye catching designs XD

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Colour Name: Charmed

Description: Tiny green various sized glitter in a clear base.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Thoughts: This to me should be renamed “Green Tea” because that’s what it looks like on nails: really bright powdered matcha! I think the colour of the glitter is really pretty and bright and the different sizes of the tiny glitter make for a really interesting finish.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Good for: -Spring manicures -Layering over other colours -Layering over itself to make a really intese glitter.

Bad for: -One coat and you’re finished manicures. -Clean neat finishes, it kind of looks like you’ve been in the garden from a distance XD

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Colour Name: Burgundy

Description: Dark burgundy. Nuff said.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Thoughts: This one looks a lot deeper in the bottle than on the nail. In the bottle the shimmer gives it a really interesting tone but on the nail it just looks like a straight up burgundy. Nice but nothing overly special.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Good for: -Dark vampy or vintage themed base colours. -One coat opaque, quick manicures. -Maybe good for konad as it’s very opaque.

Bad for: -Light fluffy designs

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Colour Name: Spring Break

Description: Completely matt dark purple.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches


Goes on like a dream and is a really interesting colour. It dries a lot darker than the bottle which is both good and bad. Definitely needs two coats for an even finish but looks fantastic when it’s done.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Good for: -Probably good for Konad because it’s quite opaque. -Looks great in manicures mixed with clear polished areas.

Bad for: – Glossy designs (unless you want to add a top coat then it’s awesome)

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

That’s all for now, tune in to the next nail polish post for the last of my Ulta3 collection ^_^

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