Next BBcream review 😀 The lovely Celeste gifted me a huge pack of sample creams to test out so I can do a big variety of them for you ^_^

Skin Food Multi Mushroom Care BB Cream

Available from: Yesstyle

Price: AU$24 for the 50ml bottle

Supposed Benefits:

  • SPF 20 PA+
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Younger looking skin/more elasticity
  • Improve Skin Tone

Skin Food BB Cream Review

It apparently comes in a couple of shades but I couldn’t tell which one my samples were so I’ll just give my general review >_<

Each sample has enough for 2-3 applications, not having the whole bottle I couldn’t give you an idea of value for money but going by the numbers it seems about average for what we pay in Aus.

Skin Food BB Cream Review

The coverage was medium, nothing wow but still good enough to replace a tinted moisturiser.

I had a really hard time being excited about this one and that probably had to do with the smell, it is very strongly scented 🙁 It’s one of those smells that you either love or hate and it smacks you in the face pretty hard so this cream is something you should really test out in store before buying!

Bare Skin:

Skin Food BB Cream Review

With cream:

Skin Food BB Cream Review

It didn’t pick up very well in the photos but this shade (whatever it was) was really orangeish on me. After I put it on I felt like the victim of a bad fake tan >_< Definitely for those with yellow undertones rather than pink.

VERDICT: Not for me. At all. May be good for those who have yellow tones and don’t mind the strong scent. Definitely one to try in store or get samples of before you buy ^_^ TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

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