Recently the lovely BGDinosent me a little present of a craft kit from Daiso 😀


I’ve never done any bead craft things like this so I was a little scared when I saw the instructions were all in Japanese and super complicated looking XD


Buuut I muddled through with my beginner’s skills (in both beading and language) and eventually got it done 😀 Though I did take a whole bunch of photos along the way to make a tutorial out of it… the instructions seemed so hard to explain I thought it would probably be better to just post a couple of progress shots instead *_*

I had to make the cup part first and the whole thing was done with 2 threads working at once…

Beaded Milkshake Project

It was all about looping the two threads around each other to form circle after circle.

Beaded Milkshake Project

Then once I got to the top the middle was filled with beads to be the milkshake…

Beaded Milkshake Project

And finished!

Beaded Milkshake Project

I think this is one of the most fiddly crafts I’ve ever done… but the result was so worth it!

Beaded Milkshake Project

I love it and I can’t wait to find a place to hang it 😀 I think I want to try to doing more little things like this too! What’s the most complicated fiddly thing you guys have ever made?

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