The lovely Celina asked me for a hair tutorial for something that could be worn to a wedding. It needed to be cute but not bride-thunder-stealing-cute XD

I’ve been really enjoying casual looks with plaits and braids lately so I figured I would incorporate that into the style again ^_^

This is the finished product, a plaited headband with a plaited heart and flower!


What you need:

  • Brush
  • Hair Spray
  • Pins
  • Clip to hold other hair out of the way.

Start with clean hair and brush out any knots.


Using your finger or a pin start sectioning a piece of hair starting from the top of your ear and moving backwards.


Clip it up and out of the way:


Underneath that and just behind the ear take a small section of hair:


Plait that section ^_^


Use a pin or a hair tie to keep it from coming loose for the moment.


Now on the other side of your head take a section near the top and pin it out of the way:


Plait another section under that and secure the end  ^_^


Now with the first plait you made pull it over the top of your head like so:


Pin it on place like this:


Using the second plait make a loop:


Continue with the loop so it turns into a figure 8. Here you can either make it really tight so it looks like a bow or looser so it looks like a heart when it’s finished:


Pin it in place and cover the pins using a flower or another decoration:


Now you can unclip all of the sections you pulled back and fluff them up. You should have something like this:




From one side:


And the other:


From here you could curl the rest of your hair for a more dressy look or leave it straight or wavy ^_^


Depending on what else you’re wearing at the time this can either be a really dressed up style or nice and casual!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, lots more to come ^_^


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