This is the first in a series of posts comparing and reviewing BB Creams… I’ve been using BB Cream for around a year now and it can be really hard to find brands suitable for caucasian skin tones so hopefully this will help when you guys are shopping for some! Do keep in mind when comparing that my skin is very pale naturally with cool pink undertones and freckles.

First on the the review pile is one that was sent to me by

Skin79 Hot Pink Triple Functions BB Cream

Available from: DBeauty Shop

Price: AU$32.89 (on sale from $43.89)

Supposed Benefits:

  • Whitening
  • SPF25 PA++
  • Wrinkle Free

Shipping from DBeauty Shop took around 10 days to Australia which is around average for international shipping. The service I received was very prompt and the website was nice and easy to use. The only thing is that you need to do a search for BB Cream to find it, there is no category listing.

Comes in a nice pretty pink box:

BB Cream Reviews

First thing I noticed was that the bottle is massive. It’s a pump action thing that spits out the exact amount your need each time. LOVE that. It’s functional and looks good on the counter so couldn’t possibly love the bottle any more. Price is about average for what we pay for BB Cream here in Aus. According to my overseas friends that’s a hell of a lot more than them XD

BB Cream Reviews

It’s quite a heavy cream, which offers good build-able coverage. It is fairly thick, almost like sunscreen which I suppose makes sense considering the SPF25 in it XD

The texture means that it can be difficult to get an even coverage. Fingers don’t cut it with this one, I got the best coverage using brushes but sponges worked alright too.

BB Cream Reviews

No make up:

BB Cream Reviews

Just the BB cream:

BB Cream Reviews

As you can see it does cover my freckles very well but it also has a darker tone than my skin so I look a little dull. I think it would work well on someone a little darker than me. The texture felt quite heavy to begin with but after it was completely dry I didn’t notice it anymore.

Lasted well throughout the day and the coverage was good by the end of the day. I would say this is more on the hardcore spectrum of BB Cream, if you were to layer foundation over this (or even just a thicker layer of BB) you should be able to cover pretty much anything you want. If you wanted one less step this is probably enough to replace foundation.

VERDICT: Quality is good, coverage can be very good if applied well. Bit orange for me but nice none the less. Super useful bottle, large amount of cream. Generally DO WANT but on someone else’s skin.

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