I’ve been a little bit distracted lately! Lots of really important things are going on at the moment which involve lots of change and hard work… but hey when is that not the case right? XD

One of the projects I’ve been working on I’m happy to announce is now officially online!

It’s called The Registry and it is a categorical listing of Australian blogs. It’s not very big yet, I’ve only got a couple of hundred blogs on there so far but it felt like it was time to launch so here it is! Go take a look, you could spend hours going through all of the really awesome blogs there and if you have an Australian blog please do submit it!

The Registry!

Secondly I couldn’t leave you without any pictures so please enjoy the photos from this year’s Nuffnang Christmas party!

Here are a couple of my favorites from the night, you can see the rest in the side show at the bottom ^_^

The party’s theme was “Blue Hawaii” so everyone dressed to match! This was the most Hawaii-ish outfit I could think of with my limited wardrobe XD

Nuffnang Christmas Party 2010

Celeste and I made everyone their own little flower hair clippies and cookies with hibiscuses piped on… except they kind of melted in the car on the way so they looked a bit psychedelic XD

James spent ages blowing up this palm tree! He was so light headed after that! I have some delightfully inappropriate photos of him posing with the palm tree but I think I’ll leave those off the internet to protect modesty 😛

Nuffnang Christmas Party 2010

I can’t remember what everyone was laughing at… so just pretend I said something hilarious and go with it 😀

Nuffnang Christmas Party 2010

Of course it was a blogger event so there was MUCH cam-whoring around 😀

Nuffnang Christmas Party 2010

The Honey Bar even made us all our own Blue Hawaii drinks, they were so pretty!

Nuffnang Christmas Party 2010

I was so glad to catch up with, meet and say goodbye to that many Melbourne bloggers. It was a fantastic night out all around, I think you can tell from the photos how good of a time we had ^_^ I really think that Melbourne bloggers are close like a family and while every once and a while we have squabbles over silly things (what family doesn’t right??) we still all just love getting together and hanging out! I really hope that we can get together again before next Christmas!

Out of interest do you all prefer me to post each photo and add captions or just a few with a slide show? I always worry that my captions are a bit lame >_<

Hope you’re all having a great night/day!

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