This lip/cheek tint was in the MBBE gift bags (I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing that by now!)

I really love lip tints, I think they’re the key to having really pretty colour without having to re-apply all the time 😀 This one by Ere Perez is made from Beetroot which I suppose makes sense considering how red my mouth ends up looking after eating anything with beetroot XD


It comes in a handy little roll on container and it is quite an orangey red shade. You can apparently use it either on lips or cheeks though I don’t know if I would suggest this colour of cheeks considering how bright it is.

Here you can see the bottle, an area I’ve just rolled it on and the area above that where I’ve rubbed it into the skin. It kind of looks like a mosquito bite XD

Beetroot Tint Review

On the website it costs $29.95. I do think it would be more of an investment if you liked the colour because this bottle would last for aaaages even if you used it everyday. To get a lot of colour you really don’t need a lot of the product. I found the smell to be a little odd and it tasted the way it smelled which was icky.

Like most tints I’ve use it was a little drying on the lips so I prefer to use in combination with a gloss or a lip balm under.

One gigantic plus is that the website actually lists *all* of the ingredients so those with allergies or sensitive skin can make sure the products are ok to use.

Here’s the bare lip comparison:

Nude LipsBeetroot Tint Review

Something about this colour just didn’t speak to me, in person it’s got much more of an orangy tint to is. I like the idea of it but it just didn’t look that great on so maybe I would have liked it more in general with a different shade.

VERDICT: Bright colour which works well for layering, all natural, a little high on the price side. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

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