I don’t think I need to tell you all how much I love tea parties. I will use pretty much any excuse possible to hold one 😀

So when the lovely Celeste mentioned she wanted to enter a Nuffnang contest about the Mad Hatter’s tea party I said “Come on over it’s tea time!”.

Some of you saw a teaser on Twitter on Saturday so here is a guest post by Celeste of what happened that day ^_^


<3 Violet

With the long weekend in sight, it was a perfect time to unwind.

And what better way to unwind than to have a beautiful tea party with the lovely Violet Le Beaux?

We all know that Tea Parties are the love and joy of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, in fact, our very own Violet was channeling a little bit of Alice today, with the long straight blonde hair and the black headband. Just needed a beautiful blue dress to go with it… Hmmmm wonder if we could swipe one from the Tim Burton exhibition?

I do so love Alice in Wonderland. But everytime I read through the book, I felt that the Mad Hatter’s tea parties always lacked a little something… Can you guess what it was that it lacked?

It lacked a little PINK, and a little Charm and was also sorely missing in some princess action.

So we changed it around, to make this tea party perfect! Starting with the adorable little pink tea pot, which was perfect for tea for two. Tea for the day was Rose and French Vanilla from Dilmah, very very yummy!

It’s not just teapots that need to be pretty. We polished our very best fancy tea set and coaxed the flower pixies to come out to play. You can’t just set a tea set down and call that a tea party! I mean, next you will be saying that merely having tea would be good enough!

Every single aspect has to be perfect. For the perfect tea party, you can’t go wrong with cake tea spoons. There’s more than one way to eat your cake, after all. Violet keeps a collection of such silverware beauties around for when princesses and maidens come round for tea. Which is quite often, as we do love our teas.

Just look at the amazingly beautiful hanky that Violet embroidered! Polite tea party conversation involved the ooh-ing and aah-ing over such delicate handiworks and there was much discussion on how we could add more pink to the world. Pink world domination! In the gentlest and most princess-y of ways, of course.

Pour out the tea, give it a swirl with your cake spoon, and you are ready to go! Tea Party to relax your weary souls, and something the Mad Hatter himself would have been proud of. Had he been a fan of pink of course. Oh, and of princesses. It’s not very Mad, but it was definitely very Rad.

And what tea party would be complete without nibbles and cakes? I brought along for us all, Chocolate and Coffee Fudge Cupcakes, don’t worry I’ll share the recipe with you soon. It was quite rich and quite decadent. Fit for a beautiful spring afternoon’s tea party.

We had a beautiful afternoon, having our very own tea party with a nod towards the Mad Hatter for sharing his love of tea parties with us. There’s really nothing more relaxing than having a girlie afternoon with your best girlfriend over some decadent cupcakes and amazingly delicious tea.

So, would you care to join us for a cuppa or two?

Images courtesy of myself and Jimmy from Blue Crane Designs

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