Yesterday was the Melbourne Beauty Bloggers Event which deserves a whole post in it’s own but I couldn’t wait to show you my current nails… well my current nails until this morning that is!

I took the opportunity to go all out with the nail art and practice my acrylic skills again. This is my first set of nails using nail guides rather than plastic tips and I am quite happy with them!

Nail Art

They are also the longest nails I’ve ever had 😀

Each nail has a base of clear acrylic then diagonal stripes of blue and pink glitter acrylic and topped with more clear. Then the gems and cabochons were added and lastly a gel coating for durability and extra shininess ^_^ The durability wasn’t really needed in the end because even though I has planned on wearing them for a few weeks I had to remove them this morning to catch up making nails for sale >_< It’s hard to keep your own nails pristine when working with acrylics, paint, remover etc

Nail Art

Overall while I can still see a lot of flaws in the nails I can also see myself improving so I’m pretty happy with them ^_^

Nail Art

I had a lot of comments on them at the event and I wish I had taken more photos in the sunlight because they sparkle like nobody’s business XD

Now back to doing nails for other people!

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