Upcycled sewing seems to be a fairly popular buzzword lately  in craft circles

When we decided we were moving to Melbourne I was worried that I wouldn’t fit my whole wardrobe in our car… let alone anything else! So I spent hours trying to decide what to donate to op shops and what to keep.

Some items I was keeping just on the off chance I would like them in the future even though I secretly knew I would never wear them again…I didn’t want to part with some of them but they were un-wearable in their current incarnations so it forced me to think of how to change them so I would wear them.

And that is the story of these two sewing projects I did before we left!

Firstly I had these two skirts to give the upcycling treatment:

DSC_0601 copy

The white one sat really strangely and didn’t go with anything I owned while the pink one was completely see-through in bright light as I found out the first time I wore it out >_<

2 snips of the waist bands and 1 row of over-locking and I now have this:

DSC_0602 copy

Cute, comfy, opaque and quite versatile in my wardrobe! Problem solved!

Next I found this dress in a thrift store quite a while ago and really loved it… well some of it. I loved the pattern, the frill, the pearl buttons and the fact it was made out of comfy t-shirt fabric. Unfortunately it looked really terrible on because there was no definition between bust and waist and the skirt had a bubble hem. Not flattering at all so it was banished to be room wear.

DSC_0640 copy

I couldn’t leave it behind so I cut off a lot of the hem, added a ruffle with the parts I’d cut off, replaced the button, added darts for waist definition and re-worked the waist tie. I haven’t decided yet if it will be a going-out dress or remain super cute at home wear but either way it’s certainly an improvement ^_^

DSC_0642 copy

Have you guys ever recycled your clothes?

I keep getting requests for more sewing and sewing related tutorials but I’ve been a bit hesitant to write anything because it’s hard to write sewing tutorials that will work for everyone.

I am thinking about it more and more though so I think there will be more upcycled sewing in the future ^_^