Hello, time for the first of a few very basic tutorials: how to make a basic hair bow!

This week I am going to try and have a post online every day so please keep checking back for everything! I’m also going to be showing you some of the reader requests I’ve been getting lately ^_^

Before we get to the tutorial, there is a bit of a special announcement. One of my tutorials has been featured in Eleanor Zine which is (I think) the first web-zine for Western Gyaru fashion! How cool is that? They have chosen to feature my tutorial on how to make Usa-mimi/pointy bunny ear headbands 😀 I might be doing more things in future with them so go check out Eleanor Zine and if you have a Gyaru trend you want me to show you how to make just drop me a line on my Contact Page!

So today after lots of requests I’m going to show you how to make a very basic hair bow just like this one you guys loved yesterday…