Before we get into the sparkly bangle tutorial I just wanted to let everyone who was waiting for me to reply to comments know that it’s all done!

Every comment (other than ones that were posted this morning)  have been replied to so if you were waiting for an answer please go have a look ^_^ Next step is catching up on all my emails! I am trying really hard to get back on top of things so please have patience with me!

I am a big lover of deco in pretty much every form and I’ve been making lots of accessories lately. I’ve always liked over the top jewelery but lately I’ve found myself liking big bangles too 😀

So today I’m going to show you how to make your own deco’d chunky bangle like this:


So gather your materials…This is what you need:

  • Jewels (I’m using 2 sizes and 2 different colours)
  • Epoxy glue
  • Felt pen marker in the same colour as your jewels
  • Felt in a matching colour
  • Base to put it on (more on this in a second)


Now the base! You can use anything that is roughly the right shape. Going from left to right there is a bangle I bought on sale for $1 at a discount store, a wooden base bangle I bought at Spotlight that’s specifically made for this purpose and lastly the cardboard roll out of the center of a ball of crochet yarn.

Any of these work just as well and range in price from free (if you’ve already got the yarn) or $5.95 for the purpose made base.


After you pick your base (I chose the Spotlight one) colour the whole thing in with the felt pen so it looks similar to our jewels ^_^ This is so that when you add the jewels you can’t see light wood through the gaps.


Lay out your jewels and prepare your epoxy glue.

With the bangle flat on the table you should start by gluing one ring of jewels around the top edge. Make sure this ring is completely straight because it’s going to set the tone for the rest of the bracelet. Wait for it to dry then repeat on the other side ^_^

Now decide on the pattern you’re going to do. I chose to do alternating large and small jewels with a row of small right around the edges. Lay down one line of glue from top to bottom and position your first line of jewels. Again it’s important to get the first row right because it will effect the rest of the bracelet.

Start going around adding more and more rows 😀 I decided to change it up and do a couple of different patterns! I did straight small jewels and red as well.


Lastly you should cut a piece of felt and glue it around the inside so the wood doesn’t have to touch your arm ^_^


Aaaand there you have it ^_^


Taaadaaa ^_^


It’s so shiny when you get it out in the sun! Let me know if any of you give the sparkly bangle tutorial a go!

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