Yay we’re back to tutorials again today it’s how to DIY your own flatback pearls!

Still no real internet but dong my best. Thanks for sticking with me and I promise that all comments will be replied to very soon *fingers crossed*

DSC_0709 copy

Do you guys ever get to the end of a gigantic deco project and realize you don’t have enough jewels or pearls to finish? I HATE that feeling. I hate having unfinished projects too! Especially if I’ve ordered from overseas it takes forever to get another order ;_;

So this is a stop gap solution I’ve found to avoid having to wait for an order from overseas!

What you need to DIY your own flatback pearls:

  • String of cheap pearls or something round and the right size
  • Fimo or Sculpy clay
  • Sharp knife
  • White nail polish
  • Pearl nail polish (I’m using a Sally Hansen)

DSC_1226 copy

Ok first thing is first. Get your Fimo/Sculpey and using a colour you don’t like make a blob.

Using your string of pearls press in over half way to create a nice round dent.

DSC_1273 copy

Like this:

DSC_1274 copy

If you’re doing it with a loose pearl/bead then use a piece of thread to fish it out of the mold like this:

DSC_1275 copy

Now cook your mold according to the packet instructions.

Using the mold you’ve just created start making pearls. Do this by taking a large chunk of some Fimo/Sculpey pressing it into the mold, pulling it out and slicing it off the round part with a sharp knife. It will take some practice before you get the technique down ^_^

Now cook your pearls and let them cool. It doesn’t matter what colour you made them because it’s time to paint!

DSC_0593 copy

Lay your pearls out on paper or something you don’t mind getting polish on. Paint them white.

DSC_0595 copy

It will most likely take you a few coats of white if you started with a dark colour. You can see I was experimenting with a few other pearls shapes below too ^_^

DSC_0597 copy

This is roughly what you want to end up with:

DSC_0598 copy

Now lets turn them into pearls!

DSC_0599 copy

This takes a few coats too. Make sure you let them dry completely before each new coat or they will never dry properly!

DSC_0600 copy

Peel them off the paper and you will end up with something like this:

DSC_0698 copy

If you made them with a dark colour you might want to paint the bottoms too but it might effect how well they stick for deco projects.

DSC_0702 copy

So they are not perfect and they aren’t as good as store bought ones buuuuut they are perfect space fillers in deco projects and once they are surrounded by other jewels you will never tell the difference ^_^

DSC_0709 copy

So yay for tutorials again! Let me know if any of you diy your own flatback pearls, I’d love to see how they turn out!

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