This Sneaker Sunday post is a little test, it’s the first one I’ve ever written entirely from my phone! If there are any random formatting problems that’s probably the reason!

So this week for Sneaker Sunday Valerie posed a question about alter egos and boys sneakers so let me introduce you to mine. His name… Err my name is Victor and as you can see I am most definitely a man.

You can see my manliness by my manly outfit. I’m wearing a striped jumper and plaid 3/4 length pants. My hat indicates I spent time in the Russian army… Or maybe I just like thrift shopping… Or maybe I found it on a park bench… You’ll never know because being a guy I am a mystery!

The most important part of this outfit is clearly the sneakers. You may be thinking that they are girly sneakers what with the frills and children’s book print… But you’re wrong. They are from Alice and the Pirates and they are good because they are shoes and they go on your feet. That is very manly.

In case you were wondering giving an outfit run down is also very manly.

Now I have to go do something extra manly like climb a mountain just because it’s there.

So if you want to learn more about guys sneakers go have a look at Valerie’s guest poster Ethan over at

<3 Victor

P.S. That was a very manly heart. Now go enjoy more Sneaker Sunday post in a manly way.