It’s Sneaker Sunday again!!

We moved all of our things into our new apartment yesterday and because I’m out shopping for furniture today I thought I would talk about the art of Sneakers and moving house!

This is my new living room window by the way… and this is the outfit I wore on my birthday to start moving things into our house ^_^

Sneaker Sunday Week 7

So everyone knows that picking shoes that are right for the occasion is very important and moving house is no different!

  • I chose to wear my sneakers to move in because the are comfortable for lots of walking and heavy lifting.
  • These are the sneakers I own with the most padding in them and it’s important to have something supporting your feet when you are going to be adding a lot of extra weight to them.
  • Because my sneakers are pink I chose an outfit which included highlights of pink throughout. The rest of the outfit is mostly monochrome so the pink stands out and pulls the outfit together making the sneakers really seem like they belong rather than being an after thought.
  • We drove down to Melbourne and everything had to be taken in our car, which meant that space was at a premium! To be able to fit as much as possible in the car I avoided wasting space by stuffing my sneakers and shoes with socks and underwear.
  • In the car we put the big boxes in first and then used small items such as the sneakers to fill in gaps! You would be surprised how many sneakers you can fit beneath the seats of your car XD

I hope my quick tips have been a little interesting and I should hopefully be back to normal posting schedules very soon. I have so many fun things planned for your guys, I just can’t wait!!

For more Sneaker Sunday check out Valerie’s post on super cute New York themed toenail art!


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