I was planning another big tutorial yesterday but a lot of things happened which made me very upset and frankly not in a mood to blog at all.

It has come to my attention over the last few days several unscrupulous people have been stealing my work from this site. A couple of you wonderful readers have emailed me and left comments about others online taking parts of my blog, be it photos, writing or whatever else and claiming it as their own and I’ve had about enough of it.

Unless otherwise stated, everything on this site is done by me and is copyrighted to me.It makes me so sad because I put hours and hours and hours a week into writing, making and thinking up content for this site. The tutorials not only take hours to make and photograph but there is then the editing, uploading, inserting, writing, editing and replying to everyone. It makes me really upset when some people think it’s ok to just take something that I’ve spent so much time working on 🙁

This is not just an isolated incident either, I have found my content in several different locations that have not been authorized.

I absolutely want you all to feel comfortable doing my tutorials and to get inspiration from my site but there is a difference between inspiration and taking something I’ve created and claiming it as your own. For example, taking my photos, cropping my watermark out, adding your watermark and saying you did it IS NOT OK! Pretending you created something that I did IS NOT OK. Writing almost the exact same tutorial that I’ve specifically created and posting almost photo for photo copies and claiming you came up with the idea IS NOT OK.

I am more than happy for people to use my images in posts which are related to my work but ONLY IF YOU ASK PERMISSION FIRST. It is just common courtesy and not at all hard to do. I have a contact page and an email account which I can be easily reached at. And it’s not just images that have been finding their way around the net under the guise of other people’s work. So let me say again IT’S NOT OK TO TAKE MY WORK AND PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN.

This blog is supposed to be about creativity and inspiration, please be inspired to create something beautiful of your own rather than stealing it.

If you see something that I’ve created somewhere other than this blog PLEASE let me know 🙁

Have any of you other lovely bloggers had this happen before? What did you do about it?

Love Violet

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