That’s right you heard it, 4 outfit posts for the price of 1!

These are some of the outfits I wore while we were in Melbourne! Because were weren’t sure of the weather (which is famously unpredictable)  I focused a lot on layering. With each outfit I’ll give you some tips for dressing well while traveling ^_^

Before we get into the outfits though… I totally want to show you my nails!

DSC_0045 copy

These nails are very much my favorites of all of the sets I’ve ever done!

Oh no creepy witch hands!

DSC_0047 copy

Unfortunately this is the best photo I got of them the whole time and it was taken by Aurora Hime!

Basically they are alternating light blue and pink with silver glitter, then white stripes over the top. They have then been decorated with a mix of diamantes, stars, tiny gold/silver balls, and gigantic 3D pearls (look on the blue thumb, gigantic right?). You can’t see a lot of the details here but these babies were spectacular in the light! Doing them reminded me that bigger is definitely better and inspired me to do more insanely big nail art 😀 Funnily enough because everything was rounded they were one of the least annoying sets I’ve worn because they didn’t catch on anything!

17266_309532306235_5570712 copy

Outfit Number 1:

Skirt: Angelic Pretty Singlet: Some cheap store Cardigan: Ally Shoes: Bodyline Stockings: Myer Necklace: Little Waltz Hair Bow: Uncaring Kitty Other Jewelery: Random places

DSC_0639_100217_7047 copy

This outfit was for a day that started with a chill in the air and ended being very very hot! This was the day that we flew back to Brisbane so I picked an outfit that was cute but still comfortable enough for the plane. While the skirt is big, it’s not so big that you can’t move easily through the plane’s aisles and the cardigan sits flat so if needed I can add a thin jacket over the top for extra warmth

DSC_0641_100217_7045 copy

With outfits like this, its really all about the accessories! If you took the bows and jewelery away you would have something quite plain but adding the bling makes everything stand out more 😀 When I travel I will always scrimp on the actual clothes and take a lot more accessories. Something always gets lost or ruined on holiday so I would rather have enough accessories that if I have to re-wear an outfit I can make it look completely different with the accessories!

DSC_0643_100217_7043 copy

Picking pieces that can coordinate with pretty much any outfit is good too, for example, this bow on my hair is a white/cream so I can wear it with any colour dress because it doesn’t have a strong colour.

DSC_0633_100217_7053 copy

Outfit Number 2:

Dress: Target Cardigan: Present from my Mum Blue bow: Angelic Pretty Scarf: Some shop in Bugis in Singapore Beret: Portmans with a bow taken off a Bodyline dress Stockings: Myer Shoes: Bodyline

This outfit is a good example of one that can handle several different temperatures each day. The cardigan has an open weave patten so it breathes in the heat BUT it still provides warmth against a breeze. The scarf is so thin that when worn loose like this you can barely feel it but if it gets chilly you can wrap it several times and stay warm. The beret gives you a chance to rest your hair from all the spray/teasing and keeps you nice and warm, if you get too warm… take it off!

DSC_0024 copy

Outfit Number 3:

Skirt: Vintage from Blue Velvet Vintage Shirt: I think it was from Temp or some store, its just a v-neck t-shirt with a small puff sleeve Cardigan: Myer (I think… it was a gift) Hair accessories: Bows are from a Bodyline dress and the roses were made by me! Blue Bow: Angelic Pretty Stockings: Myer Shoes: Bodyline

This outfit was another example when we didn’t know what the weather would be like, the shirt is pretty enough that if it got too warm I could just lose the cardigan. This was my Chinese New Years/Valentines Day outfit 😀

DSC_0434 copy

Outfit Number 4:

Dress: Bodyline Cardigan: Op shop Stockings: Swimmer Jewelery: Little Waltz and some randoms Bow: Uncaring Kitty

DSC_0137 copy

Ok let’s talk about shoes… I took 3 pairs down for the week and the whole time I only ended up wearing these ones. The other two I took were both high heels, what’s the difference? This pair has a platform base on the front so if you actually measure the *real* height difference from your toes to your heals it’s only a few centimeters… this means that I can walk ALL day in them without getting horrible blisters but they still look awesome! I picked them in white because as well as lengthening the look of my legs (with the white stockings) they go with pretty much anything at all 😀

DSC_0159 copy

Taking several pairs of different stockings is another way to change your co-ordinates easily without taking up valuable suitcase space. Pattern stocks are awesome for any occasion as long as you pick the pattern carefully. I’m wearing cupcakes for out tea party 😀

DSC_0143 copy

So what’s there to take away from this? Small objects can make a big difference to an outfit!

DSC_0151 copy

P.S This is on a completely different note but I am looking for a new hairdresser! If you can recommend anyone in Brisbane (or even Melbourne so I can add to the list of reasons to move) then please let me know. They need to be awesome with colour and possibly extensions because I’m interested in that too. If you’re a hair dresser in Brisbane/Melbourne either leave a comment or contact me at [email protected] <3 <3 <3

Hope you enjoyed the outfits!

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