Recently we held a tea party at the new Cristina Re store and it was so beautifully decorated I couldn’t wait to post the photos!

When we decided to take a trip to Melbourne, the one thing I *really* wanted to do was have a big meet up where I could catch up with all of my blogging friends and everyone else we knew in Melbourne ^_^

SuperKawaiiMama was completely awesome about the idea and organised a tea party for us at the new Cristina Re flagship store. I had only heard of Cristina Re in the sense that she makes the beautiful scrap-booking supplies and stationary and I had no idea that there was a beautiful little cafe attached!

The cafe was decorated with beautiful butterflies:

DSC_0241 copy

We had a great turn out! From left to right below:

Super Kawaii Mama, Me!, AuroraHime, Nicole from Circa Vintage, Esme and the Laneway, Fables in Fashion, Kitty’s Drawings, Petite Valse

DSC_0231 copy

Being that we were pretty much all bloggers we had a huuuge amount of photos by the end of the day!

DSC_0194 copy

There were two token boys there as well, Kitty’s Drawing’s partner Johnny and Jameswho was being the photographer for the day ^_^

DSC_0213 copy

Here he is!

DSC04492 copy

Everyone was dressed so immaculately!

DSC_0195 copy

The setting was delightful and oh my god the food… the food!

DSC_0215 copy

There was so much food! We had spinach quiche…

DSC_0205 copy


DSC_0222 copy

Tiny delicious cupcakes:

DSC_0206 copy

And the most beautiful hand made chocolates:

DSC_0226 copy

James ate about a billion of the delicious sandwiches!

DSC04471 copy

Everywhere you looked there was something else beautifully presented!

DSC_0219 copy

It was quite funny, not many of the people who came had actually met in real life before but I don’t think there was an awkward pause the whole time! We bloggers sure can chat!

DSC04495 copy

SuperKawaiiMamaand I chatting to our hostess, who was the friendliest person in the entire world!

DSC_0250 copy

I so love this photo:

DSC04467 copy

We ended up staying right up until closing time because we were having so much fun 😀

DSC_0192 copy

Some of these photos are by James and some are by SuperKawaiiMama

DSC04498 copy

Esme and the Lanewaylooking beautiful as usual!

DSC04482 copy

Some of the yummy food:

DSC_0203 copy

There were several yummy teas served that day including mint, lemon, chamomile, fruit and others that I’ve forgotten. We had a lot of fun trying to work out which tea was which because they all came in the same tea pots XD Lucky dip tea!

DSC_0200 copy

I was totally jealous of Aurora Hime’snails, they had little bunnies on them!

DSC_0197 copy

SuperKawaiiMama, Aurora Himeand I all had crazy nail art on so we had to take group photos 😀

DSC_0259 copy

More food… because I just can’t get enough of it! The service at the cafe was really great, and they just kept bringing more tea as we drank it all.

DSC_0201 copy

I wanted to take this chandelier home with me!

DSC_0217 copy

We had such a wonderful time that day, it was a really lovely introduction to Melbourne and it was great to finally meet some of the people I’ve been chatting online to for years! I can’t wait to go back!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to have tea with us at the Cristina Re store! <3 <3 <3

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