Today I’m going to show you how I went about making bunny slippers out of house hold items, trust me it’s not as hard as you think!

This post is for Eszwho is awesome and won the name my camera competition. She asked for a post about how I turn something ordinary into something awesomely cute. I thought what better than turning something old and useless into something cute?

DSC_0519_100118_6136 copy

So today’s tutorial is going to be about how to turn some old socks and a pillow into…  cute bunny slippers!

UPDATE! Check out the free downloadable restyled version of this craft tutorial here in my gallery!


What you need for this version of making bunny slippers:

-3 old knee high socks -1 pair of old ankle socks -Cardboard -Old pillow -Pen -Scissors -Needle and thread DSC_0405_100118_6249 copy

First put your foot on the cardboard and trace around it with your pen.

DSC_0411_100118_6243 copy

Do one for each foot:

DSC_0417_100118_6237 copy

Now draw around the shape you made, leave around a 1cm gap and make the shape more rounded and even. This will be the base of your slipper so you want room to wiggle and move around a bit ^_^

DSC_0418_100118_6236 copy

Cut out the larger shape.

DSC_0423_100118_6231 copy

This is what you end up with!

DSC_0426_100118_6228 copy

Now grab your old ankle socks, this works best if they are the thick and kind of squishy like those sports socks.

DSC_0427_100118_6227 copy

Put the cardboard bits you cut out into the socks.

DSC_0428_100118_6226 copy

You should fit the heel of the cardboard into the heel of the sock, it should end up like this:

DSC_0431_100118_6223 copy

Next you should cut up your pillow to get some stuffing out! If it’s a really old pillow it will look kind of gross like this…

DSC_0435_100118_6219 copy

So what you need to do is shove the stuffing into the bottom side of the cardboard. That means the side that doesn’t have the sock hole on it will end up thick and squishy.

DSC_0436_100118_6218 copy

This is what it should look like from the side…

DSC_0439_100118_6215 copy

The hole part of the sock is in the bottom of the picture above. Now take your needle and thread and sew up the hole ^_^

DSC_0452_100118_6202 copy

Just like this:

DSC_0458_100118_6197 copy

Now you have the bases of your slippers!

DSC_0459_100118_6196 copy

Ok next part! Get one of your other socks and put your foot on the base you just made. Lay the leg part of the sock over your foot like the photo below and cut it out so you have enough of it to sew to the base.

DSC_0460_100118_6195 copy

Keep the fabric as a tube because later we’re going to stuff it. This is roughly the shape it should be:

DSC_0462_100118_6193 copy

Put a little stitch at the toe of base and the top part we’re about to sew on. This is just to keep it in place and make sure it doesn’t move around, if you would prefer just add some pins.

DSC_0466_100118_6189 copy

Put the top part on the side of the base that doesn’t have any stuffing on it. We are going to sew it on the wrong side so we can turn it inside out and hide the stitching later. So pick a side and start sewing around.

DSC_0469_100118_6186 copy

Keep sewing all the way around to the other side until you have around a 4cm gap left. Now grab some stuffing and shove it into the upper part.

DSC_0474_100118_6181 copy

Now sew up the last little part and you end up with something like this:

DSC_0481_100118_6174 copy

Turn it inside out and the padded bottom should be where your foot will go and the padded front should be enough to cover your toes.

DSC_0483_100118_6172 copy

Like this:

DSC_0484_100118_6171 copy

Now make the other one!

DSC_0488_100118_6167 copy

And now it’s time to make some ears for our bunny ^_^ Get another of the knee high socks and cut the top and bottom off so you’re just left with a tube.

DSC_0490_100118_6165 copy

Cut down the folds and then in half so you end up with 4 parts.

DSC_0494_100118_6161 copy

Take each of these and fold them in half and cut the top into a bunny ear shape.

DSC_0496_100118_6159 copy

Sew around the edges…

DSC_0498_100118_6157 copy

Then turn them inside out and stuff them too.

DSC_0501_100118_6154 copy

This is what you should end up with:

DSC_0507_100118_6148 copy

Decide how you want to place them on your slippers, I want them to be nice and pointy so I am going to put them close together.

DSC_0508_100118_6147 copy

Turn your slipper inside out and sew on the ears.

DSC_0512_100118_6143 copy

When you turn it back out the right way it should look like this:

DSC_0516_100118_6139 copy

Clean up any loose threads you have.

DSC_0517_100118_6138 copy

And decorate them! I embroidered little faces on to the bunnies and then using some stuffing I made a little cotton tail to sew on the back ^_^

DSC_0519_100118_6136 copy

And there you go! This is how they look when they’re on ^_^

DSC_0529_100118_6126 copy

So you just made slippers out of old junk around the house, congrats! Pretty cool huh?

DSC_0532_100118_6123 copy

And you know the best part? They are awesomely comfortable because of the padding and they stay on well because of the elasticity of the socks!

What do you think?

Thanks again Esz, I hope you like it 😀 Let me know if any of you give making bunny slippers a try!

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