So while I was away the Nuffnang Christmas Party was held and my gosh did we party!

DSC_0043_091217_4852 copy

The night started off with me being in a grumpy mood because I couldn’t get my hair or outfit to work 🙁 I had planned to do this huge awesome gigantic ball of hair but it didn’t go so well so I desperately had to scrape it into hime style in like 2 minutes before we left ;_;

DSC_0053_091217_4842 copy

We were running very late and there was no parking near by so we had to run up a gigantic hill (yes I was wearing heels) to get to Bohemia. So when we finally arrived we met the lovely Miss Sharon (above).

DSC_0054_091217_4841 copy

And my Mum (above left). That’s right my Mum has started her own blog! As soon as she starts posting I’ll give you all the link 😉

DSC_0097_091217_4798 copy

We waited for others to show up (around 15 people RSVP’d) but no one did! So we made the best of it and had an awesome night!

DSC_0149_091217_4746 copy

James was driving but Sharon, my Mum and I decided to order a bunch of cocktails to try. To be perfectly honest none of us usually drink so we only had a sip of each one LOL.

DSC_0059_091217_4836 copy

Most of them looked very pretty but holy bajeebus were they disgusting! I can’t STAND the taste of alcohol! YUK!

DSC_0090_091217_4805 copy

James was clearly the star of the night! I can’t believe he can hold up that heavy camera to take photos of himself >_< This next one is such a terrible photo but I like it for some reason anyway:

DSC_0045_091217_4850 copy

Of course being a typical blogger I can twitter with one hand and take delicate sips of some disgusting green tea concoction with the other…

DSC_0126_091217_4769 copy

There was sooooooo much food! We decided to only get 1 platter in the end but there was still so much! We each ended up taking home a doggy bag XD

DSC_0077_091217_4818 copy

How cute is Sharon!? Her dress was so pretty and she even had matching blue earrings!

DSC_0070_091217_4825 copy

James thought this would be hilarious…

DSC_0146_091217_4749 copy

My outfit for the night… Ok it’s mostly white but the blue sailor top I was planning had a gigantic pink stain on it I didn’t know about until last minute 🙁

DSC_0134_091217_4761 copy

My Mum was wearing the Christmas nails I made for her and she was being the perfect blogger taking photos of everything XD

DSC_0072_091217_4823 copy

Our lovely photographer for the night:

DSC_0069_091217_4826 copy

Bohemia has a free Nintendo Wii with a big screen so we played bowling!

DSC_0062_091217_4833 copy

Next time we want to go bowling at a really alley 😀

DSC_0083_091217_4812 copy

Nuffnang sent me a package with yummy blue candy canes:

DSC_0068_091217_4827 copy

We put them to good use!

DSC_0119_091217_4776 copy

And I had a fancy little name tag, everyone else got name stickers and they put them on their arms so they looked like gigantic bandaids >_<

DSC_0142_091217_4753 copy

The whole party! There might not have been many of us but we had a great time anyway! Next time all of you guys who RSVP’d better show up!!

We had so much fun, thanks Nuffnang!

DSC_0158_091217_4737 copy

Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone!

DSC_0051_091217_4844 copy

Have you guys been to any awesome holiday parties yet? Did you get to any of the Nuffnang Christmas Party in other cities?